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  • our bodies can never be completely clean because of the air we breathe and water that we absorb from showers or drinking water…cleaning products we use…hair products…make-up…hair dye…I am sure there are some people out there that do their best to ch…
  • It’s a grocery store chain here in Texas:) It’s named after the man who started them:)
  • brown coconuts are fine if you are just using the milk out of them but extremely hard to get the meat out….there are not young coconuts where I live either but, I quickly learned if you will talk to your produce man about ordering a case of young Th…
  • if just starting raw it will take about a week to stop the gas (burping & gas) I think it’s just your system getting out the old:)
  • Tamisha, Good job at going raw:) one of the things I did to get more greens was to do green smoothies in the morning…I drink 32 ounces a day and I try to eat one salad a day…as long as I get those two things in I pretty much eat mostly fruit and ver…
  • rosehebrew, I went raw because of my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and was also having panic attacks…I started out just doing green smoothies and there is a great book on that called green for life by victoria boutenko and you can also d…