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  • Grapeseed oil!
  • Her logic had about as many holes in it as swiss cheese. What's you're logic for touting this? Have you investigated the matter yourself or are you taking her word for it?
  • What kind of logic would say that regular periods are unhealthy? Somebody please explain this to me. Honestly. Menstruation occurs when the female gains a certain percentage of body fat. This is why american women start puberty earlier than their no…
  • Hemp seed oil can be used as a mild sunscreen. According to Tom Brown's Field Guide to Wilderness Survival, "The liquid extracted from the bark of tannic trees can be used for bathing, washing clothes, and warding off insects. These solutions will n…
  • To ease cravings a tea can be made from lobelia, an herb chemically similar to tobacco. Only a tiny amount should be used to make the tea, as it is very potent. Tastes like nicotine gum without the mint.
  • Carbonation is okay. Here's a great website anybody who makes kefir at home: http://users.chariot.net.au/~dna/kefirpage.html
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  • Amazake is fermented brown rice. It can be made at home by boiling 2 cups brown rice with 6 cups water for one hour, then letting it cool to a point where it is still warm to the touch, but wont burn. One then adds 2 cups of rice koji(rice inoculate…
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  • Well yeahh... We all have different motives for being vegan, which means we all have different perspectives about what is acceptable to our vegan lifestyle. PETA volunteers may not like the suggestion of bathing in fermented goat's milk, but one who…
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  • I've made brown coconut kefir with the non-vegan grains. Real simple, rinse the milk from the grains and plop them in a glass jar with the coconut juice and wait a day or two. May take a little bit longer to ferment than the dairy. Don't see why it …
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  • For some reason I find carob to be extremely addicting, moreso than cacao.
  • Normal prescriptions have side effects too.