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  • Hello everyone, I love dates and I try to eat at lease 4-5 dates a day,sometimes more enjoy them
  • Hello everyone, I'm dating a cooked meat eater. I'ts hard sometimes because they do have a different smell. I don't cooked meats in my home. I will buy him some cooked meat from a store and let him cook it or buy it already cooked. I love this man,b…
  • Hello HepKittenBettie You will be alright everyone here has given you good advice. Continue to share whatever you're going through.Get yourself a food processor and you can create some good raw meals for yourself. I started out with just a food proc…
  • HI Raw Curls I agree with you on that ,my mate is still on a SAD diet and he allow me to be me and I allow him to be who he is He has made some changes in his diet .I'm a raw vegan and it don't bother him. So we accept each other diets and lifestyle…
  • Hello everyone I want to know do raw foods affect you teeth and why? I try not to eat a lot of dates and nuts.
  • Hello IWWkevin Thanks you very much for your comment.That's the reason I went raw. I was stuck in a runt and when I did go raw things started to change for me.
  • Hello Everyone Happy New year I going to continue on this raw food journey,and it is a journey. I want to start going to some raw food meetup this year. I do need the support. Over the hoildays it was very lonely for me. I tried to fit in where I th…
  • ICE CREAM DREAM AKA Sheryl is seeking to meet other raw foodist. I'm in Detroit Mi
  • Hello Providence Welcome back and continue on with your raw journey Be Blessed