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  • Oh yeah, one more thing, Rawskeptic: are you opposed to grains? You could also try adding a small amount of raw sprouted/ fermented grains to your diet. Like other sprouts they require a bit of preparation but are worth getting the hang of. I don't …
  • Hi Rawskeptic! Ol' Lively here. Nice to hear an update! You might already know this, but I thought it was worth saying: This next leg of your raw foods journey (as you have laid it out) will require much careful/wise preparation. As someone familiar…
  • Rawskeptic- I thought you might be familiar with Price's work! The last thing I would say (and the reason I mentioned all books that are good cookbooks) is that finding really good recipes is key for any type of culinary (or nutritional) endeavor. I…
  • oh yeah, forgot you asked what kinds of things I eat. raw meat and dairy are only a small part of it-- the rest is raw fruits, veggies, sprouted grains and seeds. normal stuff. I try to eat a wide variety of what is in season.
  • hey joannabanana- yep, you can: raw cheese, raw milk, raw kiefer, raw yogurt etc. Often times people who cannot handle regular dairy do well with raw. I do eat raw beef, seafood and eggs (but not chicken). Source is everything--clean, pasture/ grass…
  • Hey Rawskeptic- Thanks for sharing your journey. Quite fascinating! I would be interested to see how you feel following a raw foods diet more like the ones recommended by Becky Mauldin (Recipes for Life), Sally Fallon (Nourishing Traditions) or even…