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  • :) Thanks! I've read some great things about water fasts. I read this story once online somewhere about this woman who lived to be a thousand years old or something because whenever she got sick she would drink only water and lie in bed. She said sh…
  • Yeah, Kelly, I bought some goji berries and some dates but my body just doesn't want em. The first few days I was craving fat and salt and celery, but not dried fruit. I really expected to be thrilled with how many dates I could eat but I've been ha…
  • I know, about the nuts. The first few days I was really hungry though. I haven't been eating enough raw greens either. Olives....I sure miss those but the last time I tried to be raw I was advised that I couldn't eat regular olives from the store :(…
  • :) I just got up and drank some more per your advice, silystarrfish. Thanks for the reminder.
  • Oh, thanks for your replies everyone! I was actually on a raw intensive and then vegan kind of thing up to about september of last year and then I just stopped. I knew it had been a while and I was going to go through some rough days, but I had no i…
  • Hi :) My mom is going through endless chemo so I'm familiar. I know that when any of your toxin processing organs are stressed this can cause bigtime fatigue --kidney, pancreas, liver. How is your kidney function? How is your liver function? How is …
  • macadamia/cacao bar flax crackers with sunflower hummus watermelon and honeydew chunks er, some go raw raw chocolate I got at Whole Foods Yesterday. For dinner -- huge salad and a green drink I haven't gotten to today.