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Brandon Young


Brandon Young
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  • just buy a natural toothpaste like toms or jasons, and use floss. the reason why most people need to go to the dentist is because their diet is destroying their teeth.
  • Use only organic products. Like a crystal for deodorant. Try to use as little as possible. Go to http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/splash.php?URI=/index.php This well tell you what is in the products you are using and if they are safe. Go to a good h…
  • You should just keep to yourself. Don't ask them if they want to try your food and don't let them get you down. I never tell people that I eat raw. I kept things like diet to myself. Its not a big deal, you are worrying over nothing. Just forget abo…
  • Hi, Kelly. I was wondering what you use for protection against the sun. I quit using sunscreen a year ago, but I still get burnt. I put pure aloe vera from a plant on my burns and it helps a lot. I just started the raw diet a couple weeks ago. And b…
  • I tried to cut out fruit because I thought it gave me acne and that was before my transition to raw foods. Now all I eat is fruit, vegetables nuts, nut milk. I hardly use any shampoo or soap. I use burt bees products if I do. I have a couple questio…
  • Breakfast-hemp seed, granola mixed with almond milk. Apple. Water Lunch-Carrot,honey, fresh apple juice, apple dinner- vegan chili, water late night snack- vegan chili, corn chips, and a beer Im only 90 percent raw, and if I do cook I try to use a s…