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  • "the only method that has a 80% or more success rate includes eating a lot of animal foods." According to who? Meat is very acidic and very bad for the teeth. You seem pretty sure of what you want to do but i suggest you try 80/10/10. Traditional hi…
  • Introduce him to the 80/10/10 diet. Nuts won't even fill most people up, i was going thru up to a pound or more of cashews a day at one time and was always hungry. Your body will always feel starved if you don't get adequate carbohydrates. Now i eat…
    in Raw MEN Comment by ilovewatermelon
  • The main reason people go deficient in protien is because of inadequate calories, its literally impossible to go deficient in protien if you just consume enough calories. Before you eat animal protien check out this video http://video.google.com/vid…
  • "How do you incorp. 8/1/1 into your way of eating if your not 100% raw and dont plan on it?? i enjoy whole grains - cooked and raw goat dairy" Drop the raw goat dairy or severely limit it and use grains as you would fruit. 80/10/10 is a nutrient pro…
  • "of course not the genetic modified super sweet fruit" First off its not genetically modified its hybridized. This hybridized fruit myth that is perpetuated by raw leaders is pretty damn ignorant, they have absolutely no prove to back up there claim…