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  • I was nearly incessently hungry my first month of goin vegan, this was after being lacto-vegetarian (only occasionally eating cheese & icecream) for over 12 years. Carry around a bag of chopped veggies, and a tupper of nuts or seeds to snack at …
  • Ditto Isis - what is logical (being vegan / raw/ not chaining new born cows to a cement wall) doesn't always jive with religion...just stick with what seems right and makes sense...that is why I'm one of the many vegan athiests
  • Keep in mind that an 800 pound male gorilla maintains his mass eating fruit, veggies, and nuts/seeds :) I'm sure the boyfriend won't wither away...rather get fit and trim...
  • Organic (in grocery stores) costs a FEW dimes more per pound, by and large. I eat ONLY organic veggies from the dirty dozen and OPT for organic when available because of concerns for the workers who are subjected to the pesticides...such as Bananas …
  • may sound crazy but try Reiki healing...I did a treatment of Reiki because my period was way skewed...(along with serious back injury which pain is now GONE)...I'd go months without a period, and maybe 2 days after the treatment I started my period,…