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  • Do you have problems with these foods when they are raw???
  • Yah well i heard that your suppose to eat large amounts of the animal fat as long as its grass-fed its fine. And some organs large amounts contain vit c. Also what if you dont want to lose weight??? Ive never seen a raw vegan that doesn't look thin.
  • Okay but what about the acidic fruits and vegetables??? Do you just not eat those??? Also raw meat is not very acidic at all.
  • I completely agree with the animal spear thing but thats really only gross to us because thats how are parents/communities raised us to think. And no grazing animals actually eat a large amount of insects but they are the closest animals to having 1…
  • Its alright everybody im just asking a question im not trying to starting a fight. The problem that i always find with all these human vs carnivore debates always has two major flaws in my opinion. The first being that they always say how can humans…
  • The problem with all the studies you keep mentioning that involves meat is always cooked meat. Have you ever tried raw meat products in your diet or just go straight raw vegan???
  • Um im not going to lie im a raw paleo , but i felt i should mention a member on one of our forums has actually designed an entire website around how he cured his severe eczema eating raw paleo diet. Heres the link.. http://www.eczemacure.info/home/
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