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  • Okay people. Thanks for the experiences and comments and please keep them coming. The results on google are not this detailed and informative. I guess even health care professionals don't even want to get inot the truth about the things that could o…
  • I've googled it and found nothing. So I have to rely on the openness and honesty of everyone on the forum.
  • Okay ladies. This one is especially for you. I love how honest everyone has been concerning the body odor and funky bowels and strong urine and all of that stuff so it's not TMI Ms. Bush it's just what I wanted to hear and need to hear. But here goe…
  • Thanks tweedle. That's more of what I was looking for. Some specific symptoms to be exact and even more if anybody has some. No matter how embarassing it may sound. I heard of some cases where people's urine gets funky and for some women who have ha…
  • Okay everyone. Keep the suggestions going. Well, I'm sure I'm experiencing some detox symptoms if that's what it actually is. But, I'd like to be sure about that. So, be specific and list a few and any other things I may be about to battle. Thanks!
  • I want to know as much as possible. I love sweets. That's my guilty (not guilty cause I don't care about the guilt) pleasure. So, I want to know exactly how does that work? Because I'm starting this journey and may have to decide to do everything ra…
  • raw desserts? tell me more.