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The Moonlight Seedling


The Moonlight Seedling
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  • Cami: I agree with you on the feeding him only the tasty stuff... some of us like the "not-normal" taste of some healthy food, but I dun wanna scare him off, so I'll feed him a bunch of yummy food for a while hee hee Free: That's what I was thinking…
  • BushCrazyRaw - good point about the amount of protein actually needed by the human body... When I was able to eat raw, I realised that I didn't crave protein as much as when I eat cooked food... not like I crave it much when it's cooked, mind you, b…
  • Apparently sugars make him "blow up" (his words, not mine) and I suppose he somehow thinks he could possibly gain more weight by eating a bunch of fruit... ffft, I know. He likes fruit plenty, he's just worried about eating a lot of it. Even though …
  • Look me up under Bekah Seedling, I have pink hair in my profile pic :) ADD ME!!! Need more friends so I don't have to look at the same drama every time I log in...
  • Question... where are the pine nuts located on a pine tree? In the pinecone? Are they in separate little hard shells? Because there's a bunch of pine around my parts (PA) and I love love love pine nuts, but don't know how to harvest them, and they'r…