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  • Maybe they're not drinking it because it's healthy, but because they enjoy it. That's why I have drink it.
  • I've read that very high consumption of greens in smoothies and in general can contribute to kidney stones (I believe this is what it said). I personally have no idea if it's true, but it might be something you might want to research further.
  • Based on my experience you'll definitely reap lots of benefits going 50% raw (not as many as say 80% to 100%), but still some very noticeable results. BUT, that does largely depend on what else you're eating. If the remainder of your diet is healthy…
  • I have the same philosophy as you. I listen to my body as well I feel so much better since adding meat and eggs back into my diet every week or two. I also don't make a big deal about splurging on junk food once in a while. Overall I'm very happy wi…
  • I eat high raw with occasional meat or eggs (every week or 2) and from personal experience I've found I feel and look much better when I do this. I personally do believe people are supposed to consume meat just not in the quantities and with all the…
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