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  • Thank you Banana Head! I am heading over to your blog now!
    in UnReFiNeD Comment by mrshumes
  • I have to agree with Swayze. Sometimes it is far easier to change your taste buds then to try to replicate cooked food recipes. When you keep eating raw, you will find that your cravings for your formally cooked comfort foods diminish greatly then g…
  • I was just thinking about you and your cravings yesterday. I have found that raw cashews and dates and figs and of course raw food bars, help me when I am craving something that is not raw. I just made raw "rice". A large parsnips, peeled and trimme…
  • Very very interesting! Thank you Swayze for the excellent article! My poor cousin did that for gall stones.... it did not work and he ended up have his gall bladder removed. I LIKE your website Swayze!
    in Liver Flush Myths Comment by mrshumes
  • Congratulation on being raw! Keep up the great work!
    in back to raw Comment by mrshumes
  • Swayze, you are so encouraging! I like what you said about staying raw rather than going raw. Once you get into a raw habit it is a no brainer and your taste buds and body crave raw. I just like how you put it so simply.
  • Wow! I like what you said about the "raw glow"! Good for you and keep it up. Do you incorporate green smoothies in your diet?
  • You bring up an excellent point. However this is an imperfect world and there is no "right" solution. What you say though is a reminder to buy local and in season and to grow your own as much as possible. Thank you for the reminder.
  • Nice blog! I did not know that Gandhi was a raw foodist. I learned something. Thanks!
  • I so agree with Swayze! Find the raw foods your love, for me it is raw food bars, stock up and enjoy when the cooked food cravings hit. 
    in I am curious. Comment by mrshumes
  • Find a natural doctor near you and talk to him or her about it. There are natural stuff to draw it out of your body. A friend of mine goes to a QRA practitioner for this very thing. Check out Detoxamin, but do use it with the knowledge and advice of…
  • Hmmmmmm I was never a fan of his, way too much advertising. I mean we all have to make a living, I totally understand that but some are too much for my personal taste.
  • You want protein? Then definitely start your day with a green smoothie. Greens is where cows get their protein to make steak so we can too, we just don't make steak! This is not that far fetched concept. I was talking to a friend of mine who raises…
  • Thank you Alice! Look for me there!
  • Good for you that you want to raise your children the best way possible! I personally am a huge fan of RAW dairy. Now I don't have children but I do give my doggies raw milk and drink it myself. The homogenized pasteurized stuff is fake! (Among othe…
  • You are so right to listen to your body. Adding some cooked foods like steamed vegetables, steam rice/lentils etc is common (I think) to many raw foodists. IMHO our eating habits are so personal. I believe that the more raw the better, however if yo…
  • I don't like the taste of raw zucchini either. My body takes it OK after I choked some of the stuff down. I am still hesitant to use it as pasta though.Yuck!