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  • Mine is Russel Hobbs 750W, it looks like this http://images.kalahari.net/img/2013/09/12/47764703_0_Img2.jpg It was very cheap and quite powerful and that's why I chose it. The only downside is that it is VERY loud. But I can live with that as long a…
  • Wish I had eaten more raw foods in my childhood :) But I still think I understand what you mean - there is a sense of connection with nature when eating raw food.
  • Personally, even on a vegetarian/almost vegan diet, I supplement with vitamin D (for cancer protection and general health), B12 (nerve/brain protection) and fish oil (for omega 3 fatty acids, for heart and vascular health). I suppose if I lived some…
  • Wow, that is actually a very interesting article. I was wondering that myself. I suppose there is simply too much hard-to-digest fiber and proteins in mushrooms for them to be considered good food for yogis. Personally I do not like the taste of mos…
  • Hello, I have a few ideas what could be causing your problem. Firstly, could it be your protein consumption? You mentioned you are currently eating lots of peanut butter and lentils. That's a lot of protein and protein is hard to digest and I'd say …