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Cynthia V.


Cynthia V.
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  • Cynthia V with a question

    sorry, no that isn't what I was looking for.  I need the page that breaks down the Raw Cleanse into modules.


  • Coming back to raw after six years away.

    I keep a garden on my deck. I tried to grow things in the ground but they fell prey to deer and slugs.  So on my deck I grow three or four veggies and some herbs every year.  In past years, as I have become more and more disabled, I have had a smaller garden.  And each year, I say it's  my last. LOL  And it never is.

  • Oh No, my hair is breaking off

    I have to take chemotherapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis and was losing a LOT of hair...like handfuls coming out in the shower.  I did two things.  I started taking "Hair Vitamin" supplements. I also take Biotin and Brewyer's yeast...both of which are very good for hair.  The next thing I did was to address the dry texture of  my hair.  I bought a bottle of coconut cooking oil (it is a liquid, not a solid) and I generously apply that to my hair until my hair is pretty well soaked with it.  Then I put on one of those disposaable shower caps you can get at the Dollar Store - they come in packages of 8.  If you REALLY want to deep condition, put a wet, hot towel on your head (over the shower cap) and leave that on for as long as you are comfortable.  Then shower.  I suggest investing in a quality shampoo and conditioner.  The kinds that you buy at Walmart are just too drying and damaging.    These steps have really helped me to get control of the hair loss and to foster new growth.

  • Best Juicer?

    Hi I have the Breville juicier (did I spell that right?)...I have used it without a problem for a number of years.  The only thing I don't like about it is that i takes up a good chunk of my counter space (which is limited to start with)...So I moved it down to our basement "kitchen" (just  a sink and some cabinets.)  But that means I don't use it as much.  There doesn't seem to be a good solution.

    ClaireTThe Rawtarian
  • Coming back to raw after six years away.

    It sounds like you have good reason to want to get healthy.  Think of the children you want to have and decide to do them a favor and get your health under control.  They will need a physically fit mom who can keep up with them.  They need a mom who will be around well in to old age.   It seems like that is far away, doesn't it? But healthy habits have to start somewhere. Good luck on your journey.