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  • Neti Pot

    Does any use a Neti Pot?

    I have one and used it a bit many years ago. I was just reading on another raw forum that people are reporting that using the neti pot was helping clear out their ears too and not just their sinsus’. Has anyone had this ear cleaning experience using their neti pot?

    Also, instead of just using the sea salt, someone was saying they used baking soda with the salt too. Anyone have any idea what the baking soda would be good for when rinsing out the sinsues?

  • Favorite tv shows!!!

    Ok, I feel so out of it. I never heard of some of these new TV shows. I have TIVO so I TIVO all of my old faves off the satellite – Little House on the Prairie, Beverly Hills, 90210, Three’s Company. I have probably seen ever episode of the entire series a few times over.:)

    The only “new” stuff I have been watching is “A Haunting” series on the Discovery Channel (because I like to scare myself) and (I can’t believe I got into watching this but…) Rock of Love with Bret Michaels on VH1. I accidentally started watching one episode because it was on after another show I was watching and now I just have to know who will be picked (and don’t anyone tell me who wins – my bf went and looked it up online and I told him NOT to tell me!) so I gotta finish watching the whole thing because those girls are so wack I look really good compared to them!:)

    I also am embarrassed to say I watched all the episodes of the Two Coreys. ha ha ! :)