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  • Black holes and spots inside avocado?

    I’ve found that this is caused by avocados that have been refrigerated. A friend of mine said to NEVER refrigerate my avocados, so I did a test…I left avocados out on my counter top until they literally were starting to shrivel…cut them open and they were beautiful! I couldn’t believe it! However, the ones that I popped into the fridge when they were ripe were gross inside (spots, holes, browning).

    Giant Grocery Store gives a 200% money back guarantee if produce is bad, but you have to ask for it. You’ll get your money and new produce back, or double your money back, if you have your receipt. Without a receipt, you can get a replacement at no charge. Weis Markets also stands behind their produce and gives a replacement for free, but not the 200% money back guarantee :)

  • Helloooo Raw Christians....

    I am a Christian :) Glad to know there are followers of Jesus here wanting the same thing, joy in life and life in living foods!

  • over-soaking nuts

    I soak mine overnight unless I need them for a recipe later that day and then only soak for about 4 hours. I found that if they soaked too long they did not taste as good in nut milks, not as rich in flavor, but maybe that was just a weak batch of nuts??? I put mine in a mason jar filled with water and put it beside the glass that I drink from in the morning so I see if first thing :) You could place your car keys beside the jar or something you know you’ll need to use.