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  • Do you Vaccinate your vegan kids?

    I can't wait to read this thread. I don't have kids yet, but know of a couple that doesn't vaccinate their kids (not vegan though). But I recently heard something on NPR about new vaccinations for middle school kids and how the vaccines are required to attend school. I wonder if there is a way around that or if those people not vaccinating their kids are homeschooling too.

  • Sea Salt

    For me I was rally just curious. I don't use salt that much at all and when I do it's very little.

    The sea salt I currently have is from Hain Pure Foods and is NOT Iodized. So I assume that is better. Is normal Sea Salt even considered raw or just celtic?

    Lilly Richards
  • Sea Salt

    So, what is the difference in Celtic Sea Salt and just regular Sea Salt, other than the price. $15 for Celtic is really high. At least that is what it is here and you get about 4 times less than you would regular sea salt.

    Lilly Richards
  • Sinus problems part of detox?

    It feels like I have been taxing the forums lately, but I have a question I am really curious about at the moment. Lately my sinuses have been acting up like crazy, stuff is flowing out of my nose at a crazy rate and I am sneezing left and right and my head is really stopped up.

    I ran across an article about phBalance and having an alkaline body, one thing that was stated is:

    “Nasal passages relax and release mucus plugs. Blood relaxes and releases clots.”

    So does this mean my nasal passages are likely releasing all the crap that has been stuck up in there for so long? It started out feeling like things were just draining, then started to feel like a sore throat and cough and now it feels like an all out cold, but I don’t really feel tired.

    The article is at: http://doctorajadams.com/AcidAlkaline.html

    Lots of other interesting things there too.