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  • how much weight did you lose during the first month?

    I started doing 100% raw vegan diet about 3 weeks ago and I have lost 26lbs and no longer suffer from bloat. I eat as much fruit or vegetables as I want and trust my cravings. Some days I will desire only fruit and feel sick when I think of vegetables and others its reverse or mixed. I'm 5'10 and started weighing in at 210lbs and am now at 184lbs. When I started I had a desire to rid myself of bloat, but was more interested in the health benefits and facing the fact that shopping for pre-packaged meat was not an acceptable solution for my inability to kill an animal with my own hands. The reason I am able to stick with this life style is because I have more than one motivator and its extremely fulfilling for me to exercise such self discipline.  I want to be a responsible human being that uses the minimal hectares of land/food/water so that I might do my part in preventing starvation in the world. 

         I went cold turkey from beer, caffeine, meat, sugar, table salt(I get sodium from coconuts etc.), and anything else not raw. The first week caused me to be sick, but I knew what to expect and pressed through the migraines and missed a couple days of work over it. Week two I had no more headaches or nausea, but the cravings where very strong. On week three, I still want a cal-zone with warm sugary marinara, but my desire to be a better human is much stronger than my cravings.

    ClaireTTheFastedPlantBucha Belly