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  • Skin repair?

    MSM is awesome for the skin, taking it orally as well as in lotion! I believe David Wolfe sells an MSM lotion that is really good. If you go to his page and check out the ingredients, you can find that exact same lotion elsewhere for cheaper. I got some at my local health food store. Same darn lotion, local brand, cheaper price! I love it though! Taking the msm and using the lotion has made a huge difference in my skin!

    Oh and I love to give myself little exfoliating facials with mashed up pineapple and papaya. Let it sit for about 10 mins, rinse and then moisturize good. If my skin is irritated, I blend up some cucumber and slather that on, let it sit, then rinse. Sometimes I even put my green smoothies on my face, and it’s amazing how fresh it makes my face feel. I encourage you to try some of these tips though! I’ve always hated my skin but since doing some of these things I’ve noticed huge differences!

  • Sun dried tomatoes--anything else to use?

    You love italian food but hate sundried tomatoes??? What’s wrong with you!!! haha, just kiddin! Can’t really think of any other ideas other than what pianissima has already come up with! I suppose you could de-seed fresh tomatoes, mash them up and then strain them to remove the rest of the juices. that would give you a thicker sauce with out the sundried richness!