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  • blackheads!!!

    Hi all,

    I am a qualified beauty therapist, aromatherapist, reflexologist, etc and make my own aromatherapy skin care products etc and have always been on the lookout for a blackhead miracle even before I took my qualifications. What I have learned (through studying anatomy & physiology etc) is that sadly once a pore is stretched, it’s stretched. It is a myth that pores ‘open’ and ‘close’ as they dont have muscles.They can soften and you can encourage sweating etc with heat which will assist in blackhead (or comedone – their proper name) removal. Even if you go and have a ‘blackhead removing’ facial they will still basically heat the skin, by steaming or a warm compress, and ‘ease’ them out with gentle squeezing with a tissue wrapped roung fingertips. This is what I do every so often and it will stop them getting bigger and clear them up now and then. But they will re-fill. a blackhead is sebum/ sweat/dirt mixture which goes black because it has oxydised. Be aware of now using anything too hot as it will damage the capilleries or force anything that doesnt want to go, to avoid scarring. And just keep it really clean. Coconut oil is amazing, its very similar to sebum so helps to mix with it and remove as much of the old stuff as poss, I use it, on its own, warm it up, rub it gently around and remove with warm sponges/flannel – keep them clean too. I dont use makeup on them any more but I do go back through my little ‘removal’ regime when necessary. It does get worse when I’m in a hot country or if I skip it. Give it a go, I hope this helps and sorry to be unable to give a mirale cure but I dont think it exists (but would love to be proved wrong!) my pores have got better since raw so good luck, you’re doing the best you can do! I havent spell checked this so apologies for any typos!