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  • Green Juice = Euphoria

    I know exactly what youre talking about. Green juices just make you happy and energetic. I think its from absorbing all the needed nutrients. Its the real deal as far as energy drinks go. I get a bit addicted on juice feasting just b/c the high is so great! Ive done similar to what you have, only sans radishes and throw in some lemon and ginger. Awesome!! :)

  • How Long Can I Live On Just Juices

    no your teeth and gums will become weak from disuse and can rot/fall out. As long as you are getting your calories, you can go for about 100 days on just juice. check out juicefeasting.com

  • Do you Vaccinate your vegan kids?

    I dont believe in vaccinating either. Ive had a lot of friends buy into that whole HPV vaccine bs-- every single one of them who did it got very ill. One girl had to go to the hospital. Such a LIE!!

  • Juice Feasting

    Hey Hey today is day 59 of my juice feast! Juicefeasting.com has a lot of the info you need.

    Make sure you do at least one bunch of celery a day to get your sodium (more if you sweat a lot).

    There are really no recipes for juice, honestly its whatever blends taste better to you. The longer you go the more greens you'll end up craving.

    Make sure you drink your 5 qts+ a day, you got a long time to be juicing so don't starve yourself.

    Do the enema every morning the first week. You'll be moving a lot of garbage.

    Here's a bit of advice from personal experience:

    If you get stuck somewhere for a long time and you cant access your fresh juice I say its ok to take in a small amount of bottled juice (100% juice, organic, if you can). You can try subsisting on water for a while but if you've been juicing a long time, your blood sugar can get really low and you may faint. If you feel faint, please do whats best for you. Its hard to justify this cleanse if you're passing out in front of people. That said, get a cooler bag and be prepared.

    Set your intention for the number of days youre going to do before you start. It will help you focus.

    good luck to you! happy feasting!

  • Aging and Face Routine Help!

    i use coconut oil for around my eyes too. it also helps to remove makeup.