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  • favorite online stores?

    highly recommend buying some Navitas Naturals products from Amazon.com. They has a two pack deal on cacao nibs or powder for $25.00. Dont let the price make you wary. Their cacao is so smooth and rich! They also have a 2 pack special for really raw cashew nuts. They taste different from other cashews and are much larger in size. They are very creamy and rich in taste. You could also visit their website for even more exotic superfoods.



    Fruitarianism is a beautiful lifestyle to live. Unfortunately just eating fruit is not for everyone. Everyone looks and acts differently, so the same goes for what we eat. For me, I feel that eating a lot of fruit and a moderate amount of plants from both the land and sea works the best. Also keep in mind that there are sweet fruits and non sweet fruits. Non sweet fruits include: cukes, zuchinni, eggplant, tomatoes, avos, bell peppers, and many more. Basically anything thing that can be eaten without killing the plant is classified as a fruit. I think every has the sweet fruits covered :) B-12 is not as big as a problem as people make it out to be. There are many plant based and fermented sources out there that contain sufficient amounts of B-12. These include spirulina, chlorella, kombucha, and the list goes on. It is a good idea to get a blood test once in a while to see that you aren’t lacking anything. Colloidal mineral tinctures is a great way to get all the minerals that you need.


  • Cacao vs Cocoa vs Carob

    oh sorry I forgot to tell you about the brand. I use Navitas brand of raw cacao powder and beans. Type in Navitas on amazon.com and you will be able to buy 2 16 oz. bags for a awesome price of $25.00!

    Dr. Denise
  • Cacao vs Cocoa vs Carob

    cocoa is the misspelled and processed form of cacao. Cacao refers to the raw bean of the cacao plant. Carob is not derived from the cacao plant. It is another bean which does not contain the mild stimulant theobromine. Theobromine is the chemical found in the cacao bean which supplies person with energy. Most people think that the stimulus is from caffeine, but cacao really has no caffeine. carob is often used to substitute cacao in recipes. for example if you want something with a chocolate flavor later in the day, carob is great, because if you do have cacao later in the day it may be hard to rest at night. Cacao and carob come in both whole bean and powdered forms. Carob is ground whole, while the cacao is pressed to remove most of the oils and then powdered. I hope that clears everything up :)

    Lots of Love,

  • Dried fruit

    I don’t eat to much dried fruit because it is kind of constipating :) The only dried fruit that I really like are dates, goji berries, dried lychees,and dried mango. I try to get in a handful of goji berries every day because of their protein.

    Cloudy Kapil