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  • Spring Cleaning!!!

    I am going to do one later this week since I'm on vacation and it will be easy enough to do it while at home. In the meantime eating healthier with more liquids than meals, and all whole foods when I do eat(even did well for Easter lunch we had out). I find if I'm eating healthy and then do a cleanse(in my case will be juice/smooties all the way) then I have few detox problems. This summer I plan on doing it for 10 days but for now will aim for 4, the last time I did one it was able to really get me back on track eating healthy again. I still have been better since that last cleanse, but find my biggest problems are at school when I go long times or get stressed.

  • Dandruff

    Erin, I agree that some comes from within but also that there is external factors. Especially this last year when I had no issues and eating same diet but when winter hit and heat at school and air is SUPER dry my scalp feels the affects no matter what I eat or how much I drink. My skin is still OK(use a coconut oil scrub) but my scalp I need to stay on top of depending on outside factors. Good luck with jojoba oil, it is one I found I can't use(got hives and redness last 3 times) but almond and coconut oil have worked pretty well instead.

  • I'm nixing garlic, onions, salt, herbs, & oils

    I wish you luck, I could never do it...especially the herbs! I use them more often in cooking(or uncooking) myself at home and often go for ones that DO have nutritional and medical benefits so the idea of them being toxic seems questionable to me.