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  • Sensitive teeth since bring raw

    My teeth definitely feel more sensitive now, but I’ve been using a homemade recipe for toothpaste (water + a few drops of dr. bronner’s soap + a few drops of lavender oil), and my gums have completely stopped bleeding! This is the first time in years that I’m not spitting out blood. I really can’t believe it, especially since my gums have receded so much. I’m hoping that raw is really healing them!

  • I want to date a raw vegan.

    Slightly off topic here, but MOTH, here’s a crazy but true story. I had this awesome teacher for Senior Project in art school, and she told me about this psychic friend she had. The psychic told her that you should write down all the qualities you want in a person. Writing this list tells the universe what you’re looking for. Every 6 months, you make a new list, to update things that may have changed.

    Well, when she told me about it, I made the list. I’d just gotten out of an awful 2-year relationship (which actually got me started with being vegan), and I was meeting a lot of people online. The first guy I went on a date with wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t ready to date, so I blew him off. (I met him right after making that list.) A year later, after lots of horrible dates with different people, we started talking again. And now we’ve been together for 6 months and he’s my One.

    Anyway, recently I went back and looked at my list I had made. For fun, (because I’d forgotten all about it), I decided to see how my honey compared to my list. Out of 50 things, some quite random and obscure, he scored a 49. Pretty crazy!

    So write a list. The universe will reciprocate. ;)