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  • Homemade almond butter?

    davidp80 said:

    Hi everyone,

    I have a feeling that this question has come up quite a few times, but I just couldn’t seem to find it!

    I found a good local source for organic, raw almonds, and would like to make some almond butter. I have access to a champion juicer, a vita-mix, and coconut oil (no dehydrator for the time being, so making the butter from homemade almond meal is out).

    Any recipes?

    Being able to make my own would really save me a lot of money!

    Thanks everyone,


    Hi, Dave! 
    When I had my champion juicer I used to make nut butters that were really expensive and not readily available - one thing you had to do was use raw nuts and soak them overnight and you need lots of nuts to make enough so you're not making it every couple of days. Yet still, eventually my use of the champion (juicing, making nut butters and nut milks) wore it out. So be careful. 

    I use about a cup of almonds for a quart of almond milk, and soak them overnight in lukewarm water. In the morning, the water will be discolored from the brown almond skin, so I pour that on one of my houseplants instead of using that water for the milk. I rinse the almonds a little bit more but I do not remove the skin. Then I put the almonds in the blender with a quart of water, and turn the blender on low speed, which crushes up the almonds, gradually increasing the blender speed until it is at its peak power. Once it is running at top speed, I let it run for about a minute longer (but each blender is different, so you will have to practice with your blender to see how long it needs to run). Mine is a Vitamix too, and by the time it is done, the almonds are totally pulverized into milk.

    I do not strain mine because the blender does a good enough job that there are no bits of almond left; but some people put it through a fine strainer. Sometimes, I add vanilla (or even chocolate) whey protein powder to the quart of almond milk, and this gives it a richer and sweeter flavor. 

    amytee said:

    I've had awesome luck making my almond butter in my ninja blender- only like $80! I don't add in additional oil to it. 


    A good blender does the job, but - imo - Vitamix is the best unit when it comes to nut butters. What the vitamix can do in 30 seconds, another blender might take five minutes. Don't forget about the heat. A friend of mine almost ruined his blender trying to make a butter. 

  • Best Juicers? Anything new coming soon?

    jaleels said:

    Hey guys,

               I'm in the market for a new juicer and I'm wonder what you guys recommend. I've been watching lots of videos online and so far I've narrowed it down to the Omega VSJ483, The SlowStar, and the Kuvling Whole Juicer. Anyone use any of these? Also, after looking them all up, I've noticed that these models are a few years old and I'm wondering if anyone may know anything about any new models coming out?? Thanks everyone... I just joined the forum today and I look forward to learning and sharing with you all laughing

    Guess you already found a proper option, yet I'd like to add my two cents. Instead of looking for the newest models, try a different type. I recommend mastication ones as they will extract your juice at the lowest rpm and this means a higher nutrient juice.

    My favorite vertical juicers are Tribest Slowstar and Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer.

  • How Long Can I Live On Just Juices

    ray4boat said:

    I am on day 25 of fasting cold pressed juice only. I use SUJA brand I buy at Sam's club 59 ounces for $8.88. You can also buy 10 ounce SUJA at Walmart superstores for about $3.00. I also take many vitimin and other supplements. I have lost 36 lbs and feel great ! I also take lemon water when thirsty and 10 ounces of fresh squeezed OJ in the mornings.

    Can you tell me, which supplements do you use? But also, how do you compensate the loss of fibres? As far as I know, eating your produce in juice form rather than consuming the whole fruit or vegetable means you lose a lot of the pulp and fiber which is not good for your guts. No offence, but you're just keeping the sugar but not the fiber from the plants - the fiber is what feeds your gut bacteria and helps to reduce colorectal cancer risk. You don't get that with just the juice. 

    Or you're just fasting and that's not your regular diet?

  • Juice or smoothie to start the morning?

    It's much easier to use blenders when you're working with greens. They're usually leafy and not only that some juicers can't work with them, but you're losing lots of vitamins in process. Another point is that juice is usually made by squeezing the liquid extract from fruits, much of the skin and sometimes pulp can be removed.

    Technically juicing and blending aren't significantly different, juicers just finely chop the plant (i.e., blend) and then filter out the fiber using some sort of spinning device. But this is only possible because the juices and the fibers have been separate in process. While blending destroys the structure of fruits and turns it into fruit juice + fiber. So blender for making green smoothies is better since you're planning to get more greens in your diet.