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  • Raisins with Seeds - anyone know where to buy them?

    Here's another company that sells seeded Hunza raisins: rawvegansource.com

    It's a great company run by wonderful people! :)

  • Sea Salt

    Most sea salt has been heated. However, Celtic salt, Himalayan salt and Real Salt are all raw. You can get the coarse Celtic salt at Whole Foods for about five dollars per pound. The fine Celtic salt is about twice as expensive, probably because of the extra time and labor involved in the grinding process.

    All land animals seek out salt. Also, our blood is the same composition as the ocean. If you don't have high salt requirements, you might be able to get by without it. However, I don't know if achieving optimal health is possible without it. I have heard plants have the ability to uptake sodium, but not sodium chloride, the latter of which is what our body really needs.

    After working out, a lot of people get hypoglycemic, which is what might be happening to you, Bean. Also, hypoglycemics tend to be mineral deficient, and salt can help to remineralize the body. Himalayan salt and Celtic salt are both mainly sodium chloride, but we really don't need much of many of the trace minerals (however, we still need them). Also, you might want to try eating before, during and/or after a workout to stabilize the blood sugar. LOL. :)

    Lilly Richards
  • dates are all sun-dried and raw

    I’ll leave the questions about dates to someone else, but I believe goji berries are sun dried most of the time. You would need to check with the source to be sure. However, even if they’re are sun dried, if the temperature is too high, I suppose the enzymes might still get destroyed in the process. Some companies are sensitive to this, so check it out if you’re concerned.

    Most of the olives in stores have been heated, I believe. Raw olives definitely have a different taste and texture, in my opinion.

    Dried fruits in general are ok to eat, you just don’t want to overdo it, since they are more concentrated than fresh fruits. Dried Calimyrna figs are one of the healthiest options as far as dried fruits go (see www.livingtreecommunity.com). I figure 1 oz of dried fruit equals about 4 oz of fresh fruit. Also, since they’re dried, they are a little harder to digest. Just as you would with dehydrated food, drink water with it. Or you can soak the dried fruit to rehydrate it, and release some of the sugars. :)