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  • Do you Vaccinate your vegan kids?

    We have two kiddos age 4 and 2 and our oldest had one shot of the 10 required for DTP (diptheria, tetanus, and perstussis) and our youngest has had none. Our oldest after one shot within 24 hours was banging her head against the wall to relieve the swelling at the base of the brain which is supposedly a normal reaction. After getting her chiropractic adjustments and much natural homeopathic remedies she was fine but we will never again take that risk. We did not want to vaccinate but were pressured by a naturopathic doctor who purported how clean her vaccines were and that our unborn child would be at risk if our toddler brought any of these illnesses home (I was pregnant with my two year old at the time) a naturopath can you believe that crap? Now even the american academy of pediatrics is saying that that particular vaccine has a high reaction rate and might pull it.

    So we are big proponets of not doing it and have actually done tons of research and found you can do homeopathic vaccines for tetanus and other things if you feel it is necessary . I have heard such things as your risking your kids life and mine by not vaccinizing and the truth of the matter is a vaccine does not fully protect you and is a bigger risk since they put aluminum in there (they did kindly take the mercury out)