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  • Balsamic Vinegar

    I agree with the bit about all vinegar being acidic- I do have a few things to add to that, though, based on personal experience. I visit a naturopath frequently, and have had quite a few conversations about what vinegar does. I brought this up to her originally because I was having some digestion problems- bloating, constipation, etc. I also used to use balsamic and apple cider vinegar frequently. I mentioned this to her when I was going over my food history (she knows I am a raw vegan, and supports that)- she told me that vinegar is highly acidic, and in some cases does cause digestive problems. Balsamic and apple cider in particular are so acidic they can cause underproduction of stomach acid- I think this has to do with your body trying to balance out ?he acidity... in any case, apparently in some people it gets so out of hand that your digestion gets thrown off, which was what happened to me. I think using those vinegars in moderation would be ok, though she said it was best not to at all. Also, she advised me to start using rice vinegar, which is the mildest kind, saying that it would get me producing more stomach acid, since it was naturally less acidic and would therefore promote digestion. I know rice vinegar is not raw either, but at that point I was bloating everytime I ate something, no matter what it was (and I was close to completely raw, which only a few unraw condiments), I was constipated, gassy, and had shite digestion, based on what came out when I did have bowel movements. When she told me rice vinegar instead of balsamic and apple cider would help, I took her advice and within a week or so was feeling way, way better. I am not sure if this would be the same for everyone, but for me it just about solved the digestion thing completely. That said, I did end up incorporating a bit of balsamic in every once in a while- I do love the flavor!- but I try to limit it, and use rice vinegar instead. Hope this helps!

  • Sea Salt

    I have a salt question that might be a bit controversial- I understand that a lot of raw foodies try to limit their salt intake and might even avoid it altogether, preferring to get their salt through plants. I tried a bit of research, and every medical article or website or source of information that I found was of the very firm conviction that salt is essential to cell activity, and without a significant amount they cease to function. I know a lot of medical research is flawed, but my doctor told me I had low sodium last time I had bloodwork done, and this was when I didn't mind adding sea salt to a lot of my food. If I had low sodium then, then wouldn't it be near-impossible to get enough sodium naturally?

    Another topic- I don't know what kind of health problem it might be, but after working out, or sweating, or after drinking a lot of water, I tend to feel very dizzy, out of it, and a little bit... well, it feels like my face and arms are tingling, and maybe like a mild fever. This happened last night- normally I have a pulse of about 60, but I took my pulse and it was 84! I thought it might have something to do with electrolytes, and when I looked it up on a few medical websites (wrongdiagnosis.com, to name one) it listed my symptoms as the ones for electrolyte imbalance. Salt is supposed to help with this... but I eat plenty of celery, and I do have a bit of salt or dulse now and then... is it really possible for people not to take in any extra salt? I think I might have a different issue, but the salt one is one that seems really possible... does anyone have any ideas about this? I'm almost getting a bit panicky. It's not very fun to feel like you're going to either pass out or have a heart attack any time you drink water or do a bit of exercise- and a bit of exercise is... well, my daily level is usually either an hour of pilates, or forty minutes of running on a treadmill, so it's nothing too strenuous... is it salt, do you think?

    Lilly Richards