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  • Order Raw Vegan Food Websites

    I have ordered from:

    AwesomeFoods.com and Rawheadbread.com 

    Awesome Foods has delicious raw prepared meals! And Raw Head Bread has amazing bagels, I need to try more of there raw foods. Post any websites you’ve ordered from or recommend! 

  • FAQs re: Points, Leaderboard and Ranks!


    Do the more badges and points lead to more access to see things on the site? I notice I can now all the sudden see the dates of when people posted. I also noticed that sometimes I can see peoples dates on posts and other times I can’t. I have tried to click on others profiles and sometimes it doesn’t let me click to see more of their posts. I am not sure if this is a glitch or if now because I earned more points I can see the dates of posts. 

    thanks so much! This website is awesome btw. 

  • Getting a Raw Vegan Meal at Any Restaurant With This Email

    So I’m sure all the raw people know how hard it could be going to a restaurant and trying to explain what a raw vegan is and them not understanding fully. What I have found very helpful is this email I send to restaurants before going and it has been very successful. A good chef will love the challenge and make the accommodation, and can even get creative with it! I have had this one chef from an Indian restaurant call me on my cell phone regarding the email saying she can’t wait to get creative for me, she then sent me an email saying she has educated herself on raw veganism and has recipe ideas for me. I have this reservation tomorrow night and I am super excited! The chef really appreciates it letting them know ahead of time. Here is my email below I copy and paste it before I go to restaurants and keep it in my notes for future emails: 


    Hi! I was wondering if you could accommodate something for a raw vegan, which consists of no cooked (no beans) or preservatives/processed foods. I eat all vegetables, nuts, fruits, and spices as long as it is raw and uncooked. My family wants to take me here for birthday and we were wondering if you could accommodate a dish for me. The rest of my family eats everything on the menu. I would be the only one in the party. I know this isn't a common diet and may be hard to accommodate because it is different from a regular vegan. If your chef can't, I understand. Thank you! If you have any questions I don't mind answering, thanks so much.


    This is my new go to email which has been very successful and the chef especially appreciates the heads up before coming and will most likely be more successful with them accommodating a special raw vegan dish for you! 


  • Dried corn

    So I bought white corn posole and it’s dried. I was wondering what can I do with this? Can I make corn sprouts with dried corn? Can I make corn meal? I have no idea what to do, I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought it. Thanks! Anything would help if you have an idea…

  • Do Grocery Stores use any preserves/chemicals on Pre-Cut Fruit And Vegetables?

    Do Grocery Stores use any preserves/chemicals on Pre-Cut Fruit And Vegetables?

    Such as citric acid? Or any sodium chemical substance?