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  • Fermented Food recipe ideas?

    Hi Cami!

    You do not need anything expensive to help you make kimchi. It's really easy to do in a mason jar. I usually put my sauerkraut on salads and on raw crackers but really you can eat them with anything.

    Ani Phyo's newest book has a section on fermenting--the best I've seen in a mainstream raw book.

    Kimchi is really easy. I'd just use whatever veggies you want. I put in nappa cabbage, daikon radish, carrot, ginger, onion. Massage with salt. Then put in a jar and make sure it's covered with its own juices or add water. Let ferment until done (1-2 weeks).

    I think Body Ecology might sell water keifer grains that are dairy-free.

    Here is a great post on vegan keifers: http://www.greenandcrunchy.org/2010/03/fermenting-cultured-fermented-veggies-water-kefir-grains-vegan-coconut-kefir-vegan-almond-milk-kefir-kefir-sodas-and-homemade-vegan-coconut-milk-yogurt/

    Bucha Belly
  • Is brown rice raw?

    quinoa is much easier to eat sprouted. and it's a seed, not a grain.

  • Raw question for women

    It doesn't always correlate with time of the month, but I do get some cravings for non-raw food at times. I've tried a lot of different things. I try to analyze what it is that I am really wanting. Sometimes, it's that I want the food warm. Sometimes, it's that I want something savory and soupy. Sometimes I want super bland and a lot of raw foods are very strong flavored. So my response to each would be a different action. If I want warm food, I heat raw food up in my dehydrator, like veggies that have been covered in a bit of olive oil, salt, and lemon. If I want soupy, I will warm up some miso soup and make sure the temp does not go past 120. Then I add some veggies and seaweeds. If I want bland, bananas with or without almond butter do the trick. I'd just say to try to analyze what you really are wanting. Sometimes, we are just emotional and want to numb out. Have some of your favorite raw treats on hand (for me this would be chocolate, raw cookies, and/or kombucha). Hope this helps!

    Bucha Belly
  • No weight loss?

    There's a big difference in my opinion from mostly raw to raw. I don't lose weight and even gain when I eat any cooked food. However I lose weight or maintain a lower weight when I eat raw only. When I eat ANY cooked food, it causes me to want to eat more. Plus it has a lot more calories and fewer nutrients.

  • Raw & Abuse

    it's odd, but i feel more emotionally relaxed on raw than i did with cooked. i feel more in control and this helps "ground" me. i don't look to cooked foods to ground me is what i mean. i have experienced abuse in the past and actually the growth i've experienced by eating raw is helping me be more ready to face it.