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  • Im having some problems...how do I do this?

    deer4 said:

    I have 2 main problems. Incorporating my diet while also feeding my family....and staying raw so I dont screw up my digestion. 

    So, I was just given a preliminary diagnosis of MS. Lesions were found in one part of my brain, so they want to do an MRI of my spine. I am also a type 2 diabetic. When I eat raw, not only do I feel better, but my digestion rocks! So to keep me healthy, I really need some advice.

    I started experimenting with raw several years ago. I feel so great! Longest I went raw was 3 or 4 months if I remember correctly. It is hard to keep up with. I have a husband and daughter and a son to cook for(my son is now out of the house, but this was the case a couple years ago). They want things I am not able to have. I always go back to cooked food because not only does it smell and look good, but I feel like I am depriving them of what they enjoy. So I eat cooked food and I pay for it dearly. I get nauseaus, diarrhea, sweaty, MS flares (I am on the fence about the MS diagnosis, but for now it makes sense, so I will use that to describe in short what is going on with my body until the doc says otherwise), migraines, light headed, my abdomen feels like there is a ton of gas and distended,its like my intestines and bladder just shutdown. I have actually had abdominal bleeding. After an MRI and a colonoscopy, they didnt find anything. Sometimes, I dont have an appetite for a couple of days.But when I eat raw...I dont have any of these problems. The MS symptoms are far and few between.

    How do I do this? How can I incorporate my raw diet and my husbands and kids needs? I also need to have my husband understand the importance of organic. I was told my the doctor to not eat anything with preservatives because it causes inflamation and I am possibly allergic to them as well. I even changed my shampoo and conditioner. I actually gave them up for quite a while. . I really want to stick with the raw diet. I know how to make the recipes, but I am having problems incorporating it into a family meal while meeting everyone's needs. I dont have the time to prepare 2 different meals. I am also really tired of getting sick when I eat cooked food.

    Ideas? Suggestions?


    I would also consider making double portions when preparing meals for both yourself and the family so you can save them for later. That way you may actually get away with some mealtimes when the only thing you have to do is throw theirs in the microwave and take yours out of the fridge. Or it may give you some wiggle room to make an all cooked or all raw meal because the other one has already been taken care of.