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  • What does everyone do for a living?

    BIG hugs Nick, I hope you get your dream someday! I was just standing at the frickin stove cooking dinner for the rest of the family being repulsed and downhearted at what I know is unhealthy and cruelty laden and WTF am I gonna do? Whatever, I hope at least at home you are more authentic then me.

    I'm a homemaker but before my kids came along I was a dental assistant and would do quite a bit of hospital cases. I would love to go back to school for a surgical assistant.

  • Really Dry Skin

    Hi corecries,

    I would think it's fine just because it has been a safe natural toothpaste for many years not to mention safe in risen breads. For those into that sort of thing, lol. I think I will try it. Thanks :)

  • Junk Food you love to hate

    Ha ha ha! Good story & SUPER mom, Annabelle!

    BTW my love to hate would have to be like a double double from in and out :( UGG, not even a little tempting anymore but just in case my copy of EARTHLING is on the way. Oh ya, speaking of childhood my dad drove truck for General Mills back in the day and he would bring home those hostess fruit (?) pies by the drum load. I'm not exaggerating, trash can size (hint, hint). I think they were throwing them out. You know those had a shelf life of forever!

    Remember how shiny and hard they were? lol yuck

  • Sea Salt

    Hi Caleb,

    Do you ever eBay? You can find Celtic Sea Salt (gray color) or even the Himalayan Sea Salt (pink) for about 3.00 plus 3.00 to ship. That's for 8 oz. which would really last me a long time. I'm looking forward to getting some but I'm waiting because I still have plenty of the more refined sea salt. But I could always just use that for my neti pot if I finally get around to getting some of the good stuff. I understand it's sun dried, can contain 84 essential minerals and the taste is really nice so you could use it sparingly. m

    Lilly Richards