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  • cravings for dense sweet food & tahini

    Not addicted any longer!

    Glad to report that I've spent 2 weeks having my 2 big salads a day (it's really the craving buster people claim it to be!) and I had no tahini, only had dates four days ago for the first time again. And the cravings are gone.

    So to anyone who find the same sweet tooth sticking out its head, it's easier to get rid of the addiction (if indeed it is an addiction like mine admittedly was) than you think! only 2 weeks needed.

    But thanks Ambiguous, I also feel we should listen to our bodies and nourish it according to its needs. Nothing wrong with a sweet date and rich tahini when called for!

  • Helloooo Raw Christians....

    Hi Waldens1999,

    You still doing well on raw? see you posted in Feb. I joined few days ago, round 12 June 2010? I'm also Christian, passionate about Jesus.

    Where you from (country)? Me, South Africa. What made you decide to go raw? Tell me about benefits you've experienced thus far!

  • Helloooo Raw Christians....

    Hello BreakingFree, your post to Christians got me to join this site! But it's a great site too, give honour where it's due.

    Thanks for being so free and putting things in perspective regarding eating and being Christian. I'm born-again Christian from Cape Town. Love being raw and love Jesus, but it took me some sorting to be able to find acceptance and peace in being raw vegan in Christianity. Just a paradigm blockage that's lifted. I praise God for the best food ever, the most colourful, creative, stimulating to the senses and nourishing to the body.

    Praise builds up in my heart when I see the glowing natural beauty that God put in us as it comes out of us again when we eat His food.

    Are you doing well? Still enjoying raw eating? What does it mean to you?