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  • Want to Detox from vaccines.........

    I appreciate your response. Thanks!

  • Do you Vaccinate your vegan kids?

    Is amazing how we(the world)is been brainwashed about vaccines.My first son i vaccinate him til he was 6 months(always had an ear infection,flu simptoms,fevers,etc)then all that stop when he turn 1 yr after i started beleiving my husband.My daughter never got vaccinate since she was born and is as healthy as can be.

    Yes,you can say you choose not to vaccinate because of religious beleive.We are planning on homeschooling.

    The government wants us all vaccinated . They lie & lie & say it is safe, but it is not. Then the ones who get sick have to get meds for those syptoms. It is all a multi trillion dollar industry of sickness & death.

    There is a list of soooo many deaths & sicknesses/diseases that were all related to the vaccines;

    for instance: lupos, adhd,luekemia & the list goes on & on.

    If anyone wants to be enlightened to what is really going on, please & I beg you to please check out Alex Jones on infowars.com. Everyday he has a live podcast/internet radio from 11am-3pm central time & if your on the East Coast it's from 12p-4p...


    Listen to him with an open mind & set yourselves free from slavery of the mind.

    These past few days he has been talking about the swine flu vaccine. Check it out.

    Another thing. My husband did my residence thru immigration(i'm from Dominican republic) and one of the requirements they have was to get vaccine. At that time i didn't know any better and got at the same time ********5********* shots,3 in one arm and2 in the other one. I swear i got such a bad reaction to it i almost die. I was in bed for4 days,the pain i got in my body was worst than giving birth,the fever was 105. and all that because the vaccines. Right after i got diagnose with hypothyroidism(and have 2 nodules on my thyroids).

    I'm 1,000,000 it was the vaccines that mess up my thyroids. I was soo healthy,never got an illness or disiease til this. Now i'm on medications for it(and i HATE myself for taking them) but i will til i can afford to go to a naturopath that can treat me with an alternative medicine. I have try natural things but this thyroid drama is something complicated. Thanks for reading and God Bless!!

  • Do you Vaccinate your vegan kids?

    We don't. Our kids are 3 and soon to be 2 and perfectly healthy thank God. We have done lots of research and everyday are more confident and glad we don't vaccinate them. I just want to see if all vegan people think about the same or not.Thanks for reading.