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The Reluctant Raw Foodist


The Reluctant Raw Foodist
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  • Fell off the wagon:-(

    Please dont be hard on yourself for falling off the wagon

    it happens to us all from time to time

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and also low diamine oxidase , the enzyme that breaks down histamine in the intestines. These appear to be linked in that I have always had " irritable bowel" after eating some foods without knowing why ( histamine can make one need to rush to the bathroom!) but also inflammation can create histamine in the body. I am now holding off the RA by eating a low histamine mainly raw diet. If I eat high histamine foods ( anything fermented milk products, wine, mushrooms , yeast in bread or anything else, sugar and sweeteners or green peppers egg plant, more than a few tomatoes or potatoes ( all deadly nightshade family) then I get bad joint pain over night. I take no drugs or pain killers for the RA.

    My immunologist here in the UK ( who advised me to eat a raw diet in the first place) checks all my vitamins and minerals regularly and these are currently fine but he insists I must be careful not to supplement B12 unless it gets very low as B12 being bacterial creates histamine.

    A few years ago, my hair fell out and thinned on top and I recently discovered that hair dye also caused me to have a histamine overload. I cannot use any hair products including shampoo for the same reason. Just before Xmas I realised I could not bear a sore head any more and I shaved my head and took off all the dyed hair. I have started to feel so much better and now have a silver head and a lot of my hair has grown back. My thyroid function is fine but my internal inflammation appears to have being making me lose my hair!

    It is very important to get the right help with serious conditions. it is often a lot more complicated than anyone can help with on even such a great forum as this . Before meeting with my immunologist I was eating a standard vegetarian diet ( lots of high histamine foods) and putting on weight at a fast pace. I felt ill all the time and my head was sore. I had even started to eat meat because I was advised wrongly by a dermatologist that I needed to for my health and my joint pain became severe as a result . Since following the raw food Low histamine diet and working out what I am reacting to , I am starting to feel great and the joint pain is retreating and I never get "IBS" symptoms .

    When I started eating raw I talked to a lot of people on the net and thought I could eat any raw food ( despite being advised to the contrary by the immunologist). I followed the high fruit path but did not realise that some fruits were high in histamine. I reacted so badly I thought therefore that a raw diet wasnt for me but it was just high histamine in my case. I would never have known without proper tests.