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  • Fell off the wagon:-(

    Forgive me for interjecting- but it sounds like you have some serious issues going that may go beyond what you can figure out on your own.

    Have you ever seen a doctor about this? I mean, not just the hair loss but the weight gain pattern, ect.?

    Please don't think I'm trying to advertise to you. I am not a doctor, nor am I trying to give you any medical advice. Issues such as yours can be from several different sources- some so serious that you wouldn't be able to deal with on your own, and some perhaps more simple such as a food allergy (yes, even a raw food). You may just have the poor luck of being allergic to a common food, but you may have something really serious. Autoimmune thyroiditis is much more complicated than just iodine and vitamins. And many people's basal temperature differs from the norm, it is a non-specific test that can be used with a doctor to monitor treatment, it will not tell you the cause of your issues. Many very healthy people run at 97 F, while for others 98.6F can signal depressed immune or thyroid function.

    Licensed naturopathic doctors are trained to identify all the things that a primary care doctor would ID, they would be able to refer you when they identify something that needs a specialist as well, and they would be sensitive to and quite familiar with your dietary preferences- and they should have a lot of respect for it, too, but be able to tell you if your health required a change in diet. Any doctor should be able to give you some test results to think about, in case you have insurance issues.

    It can be expensive, but 3 years of your life is very expensive, too. Its the best advice I can give- go to a doctor you trust who is trained to deal with chronic issues like an ND. You're working so hard, be kind to yourself:)