The Rawtarian's Kitchen Leaderboard

The leaderboard shows the top participants in the The Rawtarian's Kitchen Forum over the past week as well as all-time.

In order to appear on the leaderboard you need to earn points. You can earn points by participating in the The Rawtarian's Kitchen Forum. Specifically, if one of your posts gets a Like, a LOL or is Promoted by another forum member, then you will recieve points. However, the real points come with receiving badges!

Badges are awards that are given out after you have achieved a certain goal. For example, you will receive badges when you make forum posts, or when you answer someone else's question. You can read about all of the available badges and who has already achieved them by checking out the badges page here.

All Time Leaders

Wanna see your name here too? Here's a hint: the best way to start earning points is to start a discussion or ask a question. Have fun!

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