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Bottled Water

Is buying bottled water a bad thing?

Canadians wanting to do something about the environment can start by drinking tap water, environmentalist David Suzuki says. [...] “Not only does bottled water lead to unbelievable pollution — with old bottles lying all over the place — but plastic has chemicals in it,” he said.

What do you think? We drank a lot of San Pellegrino for a while, but now only have filtered tap water for a number of reasons…


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Not all bottled water is cool. I have had a couple experiences…. wait just had another one right now:), of bottled water that tasted like plastic and a bunch other flavors that just is not water. If you are to buy bottled water, buy it in bottles that a re made not from plastic but from organic materials. The the problem is finding products like this. Soo I think you are doing the best thing with the filtered tap water.

    Talk to ya later

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Here’s a helpful article that goes into detail about health and environmental issues related to plastics (as well as precautions one can take).

    Toxic chemicals such as benzene and dioxin are released into surrounding communities during the manufacture of certain types of plastic, and some types leach chemicals as we use them. A plastic bottle tossed into a landfill will take hundreds of years to break down. Plastic bags that litter the landscape will kill animals that try to eat them, and they’ll harm aquatic life when dropped into bodies of water. Several studies have uncovered health risks associated with exposure to fumes from its incineration…By reducing your use of plastic, choosing plastic products carefully, and using them safely, you can reduce the risks that plastics pose to the Earth and your family’s health. read more

  • I am strongly opposed to bottled water (mind you I live in the counrty where the water is clean, but it’s still chlorinated). Bottled water does absord the plastic. Most bottled water has a shelf life or 2 months or so. After that the water becomes contanminated and not worthy of sale. I run the recyling program at my high school and at least half of the stuff we divert is bottled water.

    The bottles are not the biggest reason I despise botled water. The whole idea of botteling the essence of life and selling it like it as a commodity is horrifying to me.

    Plus, complete aquifers are being depleeted. Water is a infinite resource but not if we change the way we interact with it. It is unatural to extract it from so deep in the gorund and it does NOT replace itself.

    I would stick with the filter like you are doing now. Thats what I’ve been doing. This summer I’m going to try and built a solar disstiller so I will be drinking pure h20.


  • the problem with bottled water is the bottle. however, if you recycle it you cut down on the pullution. tap water (at least here in philadelphia ) is loaded with pulutants just the smell of it is repulsive(chlorine, mold and whatever else is there ) problems with a simple little tap filter is it doesnt get all that much stuff out of the water. i know this because i hired a guy to come check our water with and without the filter and the results were not that much better with the filter, i was shocked! i havent drank tap water in 2 yrs this past summer i got a water ice and felt so sick afterwards and then realized that it was the water they use to make it.also i ran out of water one night so went to the faucet and drank a mouthful or so and again felt really sick. i used to drink it all the time. i guess when you start takin care of yourself your body will warn you faster of the garbage you put in it and wont allow for it

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Tap water in the u.s. is horrible. It is full of chorine, flouride(which is a poison contrary to popular belief) and many other cleaners to so call kill bacteria. I drink the bottled water but sometimes you have to watch that too because some companies put sodium in the water. Just read the lable and it will state if it has sodium. It won’t be in the nutrition label it would be underneath. Most that have no sodium will state sodium free.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I use 5 litre bottles of mineral water that we get delivered every few weeks. It is the best solution I can find to this issue. The man comes and collects the huge bottles and they are reused.The water tastes better than any other I have had. But I just read that mineral water isn’t good because it leaves mineral deposits in our bodies and that this leads to hardening of the arteries.and has too many minerals in it..I read this in Kate Wood’s book ‘Eat Smart Eat Raw’. Anyone else heard of that or know if she is talking nonsense? She recommends drinking water that has been filtered via osmosis. Goodness knows where you can get that from. I think that we would drink mineral water in the natural world if we were all living wild, so how can it be bad for us? I went to the USA last year and was surprised to see a lot of bottled water isn’t pure spring or mountain mineral water, but alot of it is just filtered tap water. And sold by big corporations like Cocacola, and Nestle In the European Union, all bottled water is labelled ‘mineral water’ and it has to actually be that, from a natural source like a spring or a mountain. And they have the different mineral content analysis on every bottle so you know exactly what you are getting.They tried to sell the Coca cola filtered tap water here and it didn’t work, they had to abandon the whole thing after a very short time.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    That’s funny that they said the mineral water would leave deposits. A water fast is known to get rid of atherosclerosis so I don’t know why it would do the opposite with minerals. Even a juice fast isn’t know to get rid of atherosclerosis. I would have to research that further.

  • I lived in philly for eight years,jaymz, and didn’t even want to bathe in the tap water there! NOw that i’m located on OR, I’m not sure what to do about the water situation….a while back when I was not thinking about raw, but rather alkaline rich foods, I was also testing the alkalinity of my drinking water. I found that tap water with a filter was signifiacntly more alkaline that any of the standard bottled water and so I stopped buying water…now I’m not sure….though still leaning towards tap with a filter….I don’t think they add fluoride out here…a big debate about it actually…...

  • because its alkaline doesnt mean its clean. you would still be drinking all the pullutants in it. tests showed that tap filters took out alot of the clorine thats why it does taste different, but and not much else. water is the single most important thing you put in your body. remember to drink a good artesian water

  • I’m aware that alkaline water doesnt equal “clean “water,apples & oranges, however, I did think it was interesting…..prior to my testing I didn’t know that a filter could change the alkalinity….furthermore, it pointed out to me that all the bottled water i had been drinking was not as good for me as I had assumed…..

  • I noticed my local farm shop is now stocking a new bottled water which bottles can be crunched down and put in with the composting apparently.. will have to check the name of the product and post back.


    Belu water

    Retails UK 50p a bottle, cheaper than most other.

  • This article is outright frightening! Anyone concerned should reduce their use of plastics, if enough people did this there would be less produced and less of this mess!


  • Yeah, most types of plastic are probably rather unsafe for storing liquids. Best to just avoid them altogether!

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