Hello everyone :)

Hi! Here goes my story...

I have been lurking in this forum for the past three weeks, since I discovered raw and started my journey into raw eating. I came to it quite by accident while looking at a documentary in which it was mentioned, and was instantly drawn to it. You see, I have been feeding my dog raw for several years now, because I wanted him to eat a healthy, species appropiate diet and I always told my partner that our dog ate better than us. But, I never thought it possible that I could eat a raw healthy diet as well.

And then I found raw. I intended to start slowly, but it has gone faster than I expected. Some days I am a 100% raw, others 95% and others... well 100% unraw and unhealthy.... I haven't decided to go 100% raw; I will take it slowly and work towards that, or maybe just high raw. My main goal is to reconnect with my body, treat it well and learn to listen to it. In my heart I know that not eating dairy, meat, refined foods, etc is the way to do that. I just have to let my brain catch up... meanwhile, I will be patient with myself, allowing myself to fall and make mistakes.

Uff... after having said all that... Thanks for taking the time to read this, nice to meet you, and I hope to see you around in here!



  • sv3sv3

    Welcome along skymn! Thank you for sharing your story - it sounds like you've overcome some really hard times.

    I hope the raw lifestyle is healing for you. You'll find this site provides great support so it's great you've discovered it!

    Best wishes and good luck on your raw journey.

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