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Raw Cakes

Just wondering if anyone has ordered any raw cakes before online. I've searched and searched and I can only find one website that sells them - rawbakery.com. They look wonderful but at 150 bucks a pop all I have to say is YIKES! lol But I suppose if that's the only place that sells them I just may have to suck it up. My birthday is around the corner and I really want a cake but, yes you guessed it, I'm too lazy to make one! hahahaaa So If anyone one has any recommendations please send them my way! Thanks :-)


  • Those cakes look good, and may even be worth it (for a special event like a wedding) but there are recipes out there, too. I think Alyssa Cohen has a recipe in her book and so does Juliano in his.

  • Paying 150 bucks for a cake is insane! I am super lazy and I made Ani Phyio (sp?) apple pie and it was easy and awesome. Or ask your family/friends to make something from this site as a birthday present.

  • I make a great carrot cake, I'll make it for you for only $125.

    Just kidding.

  • Haaaaaaa! $125, now that's a deal!!! lol Well I'm glad I'm not the only one to think 150 was ridiculous. I've come across a couple great websites where I've found some pies/cakes (which are more in the affordable category). Too tired tonight so I will post those tomorrow for anyone else who may be interested!

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