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Hippocrates Health Institute - looking for feedback?

I'm seriously considering going to the Hippocrates Health Institute. A place which people go to be healthy on a raw food diet. I"m also considering going there for their educator programs - 9 weeks. Does anyone know of anyone who as been here and can give me some perspective on this institution?


  • I unfortunately don't have an answer for you, but I hope you get some because I'm curious, too :) Have you called the institute and asked lots of questions? Maybe they can send you an info packet or something like that.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Sorry if these questions are personal, but, why? Are you facing a health crisis of some kind? Or is it more for a retreat/spa or getaway type of experience?

    It's VERY expensive for a six-week course. Are you in a healing field where this program would be beneficial to your career (and the tuition perhaps a tax write-off)? Or is it more for your own personal growth?

    I've only met Brian Clement once but I had a very good impression of him (some don't) and I know that what Hippocrates does is often astonishing at turning around life-threatening conditions. If this is the case with you, I would indeed check them out and the Gerson Institute too.

    If you want more of an "immersion" in a healthy raw community, and the personal benefits that go along with that, consider Tree of Life in Arizona. They do have many programs for managing health issues, and food instruction, and other courses.

    If I were considering programs like these I'd call them all up and ask how they're different from each other.

  • I have and I have the info package but I'm interested in speaking to someone who actually meant.

  • I'm a register nutritionist who enjoys raw food and always very curious about learning more. I have attended a number of raw food classes and I've read numerous books. I am interested in their 9 week educator program, yes it is expensive. I am not trying to overcome a health issue.

    I did see Clement at a session, i had some mixed feelings on him. I would like to meet/see him again to form a conclusive opinon.

    Thanks for the lead on Gerson Institute and Tree For Life, I have not heard of them.

    I am really looking for feedback from people who have actually attended to get a different prespective.

    Appreciate your response!!!

  • I do not have first-hand experience with attending, but I have heard one of the raw foodsits in kansas city here mention that her sister attended Hippocrates for a major health issue and was very happy she did.

    I got to hear Dr. Clement speak here in KC a few years ago, and I was really impressed by his knowledge and passion. He was a little bit strange looking to me at first I will admit (his formal-type dress and hairstyle seemed a bit weird to me), but that was me just judging on looks originally... and he is older than he looks, of course, being a raw foodist (so generational difference in hair and dress styles). I wonder if that is one reason why he sometimes gets mixed reviews, preconceived judgements??

    I would love to attend their center and learn what they had to share, and especially the educator side of it... if I had that kind of money to spend. Maybe someday. :)

  • Sprouts,

    I may be of help. I am a Certified Hippocrates Health Educator, and I have spent a total of 12 weeks in the past 2 years at the Institute doing the program, integrating it into my life and my family's life, and helping dozens of others get the most out of the program.

    It's a significant investment, but it is TOTALLY worth it. I am almost 50 and have been enjoying the best health of my life.

    I created a blog to help people like you. It's at www.hippocrateshealthlifestyle.com. Feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to answer any other questions you may have.


  • I have attended Hippocrates Health institute. I went thru their health educators course there about 10 years ago and I highly recommend it. Brian and Ana are wonderful and even if you are not able to sustain the lifestyle the things that you will learn there will change your life and the life of those around you because you will learn so much you can't help but share. It is not cheap but I belive it was worth every penny. Ask me more questions if you have any

  • Hippocrates is an amazing place. The education and healthcare is so ahead of its time and the doctors and nurses were thorough, helpful and happy to answer my many questions.

    The campus is beautiful and so tranquil with green, tropical plants and trees everywhere you look - a perfect setting for healing to take place.

    I met so many amazing people, many of which had already healed themselves from serious health conditions using what Hippocrates Health Institute had taught them. The moving stories were endless and very inspiring.

    I now eat 100% raw and/or living foods and really enjoy every meal. A far cry from before when i use to finish my meals feeling full and bloated. They teach you on a practical level how to do this everyday as at first this was a little daunting to me. Wheatgrass has become a integral part of my routine and I now grow it myself at home along with my sunflower and pea sprouts. Since taking this amazing juice every morning I have noticed so many improvements including more energy, beautiful skin and hair and better digestion. Better still, it is cheap to grow so everyone can do it.

    I do think it is important to attend the full 3 week programme to fully understand what is involved in living this lifestyle. I thought the Life Change Programme was expensive on first inspection, but after experiencing it, I realized just how much I was getting for my money and now consider it very reasonable.

    The main health issue I went for has completely disappeared and I am seeing constant improvements as I continue to do what I have learnt in my daily life. It does take commitment and dedication but I am willing to do that for a happy, healthful life.

    I can

  • It's an amazing place. Ive been about five times and my son (11 yrs old) has gone with me since he was a toddler. It is expensive, but well worth it. The food is soooo delicious and the therapies are incredible. Usually by the second week though, I get a little stir crazy. I've never stayed longer than 3 weeks. Be prepared to step away from life and really immerse yourself in the program. Just detach. You have to in order to get the most out of it. I have never battled any serious health issues and I went to mainly cleanse but I have witnessed miraculous healing there.

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