Hi! Just wanted to do a brief introduction before I dive into this wonderful community :)

I have been vegetarian/vegan most of my life, it is just what my body prefers, I have been interested in eating raw for quite some time and have finally decided to make the commitment a few weeks ago. And let me just say...WOW! I feel frikin awesome. I have little to no digestion issues anymore, and I struggle less with overeating, though I am still in transition and cravings have led me to the imminent nut binge (whatevs...it happens).

I have been studying health, wellness, and how diet effects our mental and physical well being for quite some time, and am actually working towards my masters in counseling to begin a wellness center with those very values in mind.

My other interests include bikeing ( i drive a pedicab, and my bike is my main form of transportation), swimming, yoga, playing in the sun, and of course...food! Oh and I'm really into underground hip hop, but i'll save that for another forum ;)

Be well!


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    you can commiserate with bosonhavoc, (my beau) who is also a pedicabber! lol. I too am falling prety to nut binges.

    That's awesome you are going to be helping people. We need some more holistic healers out there. :) Where are you at? just curious, know there's not that many places a person can pedicab and make a living.

  • Welcome sypita~ It would be wonderful if you would copy and paste your post into your profile, then everyone can get to know you later when this post isn't up on the forum page... Am also interested in your location in reference to the Pedicab...

    Again welcome and good luck to your raw journey!!! smile

  • i'm in the lovely city of Austin TX!

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