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raw food versus blood type diet

I have had "mysterious" health issues for the past year: frequent nausea, very low energy, way low appetite, etc. In January I was diagnosed with an allergy to milk protein along with a gazillion air-borne allergies. After that I self-diagnosed an allergy to soy, eggs, and garbanzo beans. Now, I know enough about allergies to know that an otherwise "healthy" adult does not suddenly develop food allergies. That's just not the way the immune system works. I always like to solve things with food first, so I did a little digging (actually a lot of digging). I found the GenoType diet (which is similar to the blood type diet but more specific and way better). It is the only thing that has helped. My wheezing and other reactions to air-borne allergies have decreased and my tolerance for my food allergens has increased. My appetite has returned full-force and my energy is back where it was (not great, but functioning). However, I know that I need to head more towards raw foods. It's hard to explain why, just a gut feeling.

Here's the problem, though. I have a huge sweet tooth, and I can't stand vegetables. However, the list of fruits that I should be eating on my Geno Type diet has only one (one!!) sweet fruit: apples. The rest is stuff like lemons and cranberries. I've had green smoothies and I enjoy them when they are sweet enough, but I know I could not last even one day with the only thing I'm allowed to eat being lemons, apples, and nasty greens.

So, my question is this: has anyone out there been on the blood-type diet or something similar and then transitioned to raw food? Did you have adverse reactions when you ate "forbidden" fruits or veggies? I'm probably willing to risk it, but I'd like to know ahead of time what I'm getting into, if possible.

Also, if you have any advice for how to get started with a cheap blender, a cheap food processor and no dehydrator, (and no money to buy new appliances at present) I'd love to hear it (or read it :) ).


  • I'm bumping you up to the first page - I don't have an answer, but I'm sure you'll get one.

    as far as appliances go, the only thing I really spent much money on was my dehydrator (totally worth it for me - I bought a "blemished" model pretty cheap). The rest I got from my mom when she upgraded her own. Check out yardsales, flea markets, goodwill, salvation army - lots of people have gotten lucky there.

    Good luck!

  • Regarding the blood type diet, I can only tell you that supposedly I function better with meat, but I've been a thriving, glowing vegan for over 7 years, never felt better, never looked better.

    I don't know anything else to answer your question, though.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    I personally don't think blood type affects the type of food we should eat. Our species is designed to eat certain foods, so why should blood type matter? Eat as many fruits as you want!!

    My friend is doing the blood type diet (she's not raw) and eats meat at EVERY meal. She seems fine with it though and has no health problems.

    When getting started raw, i think it's better to go simple. I mean, I made a bunch of cool recipes and such in January when I first started, but then you realize that eating doesn't have to be all these prepared meals. It can be easy stuff like salads and smoothies. That's how I eat now and I rarely use my dehydrator anymore.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I was on the Blood Type Diet before going raw, and on a raw diet I was able to tolerate all those foods that are supposedly forbidden for my blood type (I'm blood type B). The Blood Type Diet worked out really well for me, but I believe it was because I emphasized whole foods, not because I stuck with foods that were right for my type.

    Ever since I went raw, I've been learning much more about the Blood Type Diet, and how there is really no real scientific backing for it. For example, Dr. D'Adamo claims Blood Type O was the original blood type, but the leading paleotologists believe this was not the case. Also, the earliest humans didn't eat a lot of meat; they ate a diet similar to the modern chimpanzee, which is mostly vegan. Lastly, the leading world expert on lectins does not understand the science behind Dr. D'Adamo's list of approved and harmful foods for each blood type. "Conscious Eating" by Gabriel Cousens has an excellent discussion on this topic.

    I am grateful for the experience I had on the Blood Type Diet, but I just don't think it's scientfically sound, that's all.

    Feel free to try those forbidden foods, and see how your body reacts. Good luck! :)

  • Yeah, I have flipped through the book, and I know that many people think the doctor is a quack, but it makes sense people would feel BETTER on teh diet because he recommends limiting dairy and eating only whole foods, no packaged products, but this doesn't mean it's HEALTHY. Something can be better than another on a scale and be good by comparison only; however, this doesn't mean much when compared to a starting point of crap/garbage food.

  • I have been raw for three years and on the genotype diet for two weeks. They both compliment each other. I am a warrior and a lot of the sweet fruits are actually not on the toxin/avoid list- just not listed at all. If foods are not listed then they are neutral and can be eaten- they just will not be beneficial for weight loss and hormone balancing. The diet fits what I felt drawn to eat anyway- it just told me what foods were hurting my absorption of nutrients and protein. I am amazed at the results already in energy and losing that last ten pounds I could not seem to lose before the genotype diet.

    Follow your feelings- you will discover what is best for you :)

  • I have MS and multiple food allergies, and I control all my symptoms with diet. I do some other stuff like acupuncture and supplements, but diet is the biggie. I really hate to say this, but neither diet is going to fix your leaky gut. You need to heal the gut and, in the meantime, rotate your foods so that you don't develop new allergies. I recently developed a carrot allergy, of all things, because I ate them probably 5 days a week! In addition, there's dairy, eggs, soy and other beans/legumes, asparagus, and some other stuff I have allergies to. So, some of the stuff that I started doing last year was more probiotics and zinc, but that hasn't been enough to stop new allergies so obviously my gut isn't healed yet. I recently started taking L-glutamine, which is *very* helpful in healing the gut specifically, but is also contraindicated in folks with neurological disorders like MS. I'm taking my chances here. ;) Extended fasting is also a great way to promote healing in the gut, giving the entire digestive tract a chance to rest and rebuild. Unfortunately, the only way I've been successful at a longer fast so far is the Master Cleanse, and I'm sure that lemon juice and cayenne is in no way helpful. I mean, I'm good and cleaned out, that's for sure, but to promote healing one needs to reduce the inflammation in the gut and not irritate the lining any more. HTH!

  • YES! I am not only surviving, but I am thriving and have healed my whole body and being on 100% Raw Vegan diet (for 2 years now). It is the way were were designed to eat. I am an O+ blood Type and tried the Blood Type diet years ago before I become hip to eating consciously with all beings and the planet in mind. I had disease in my body and never felt good when I ate animal foods. The Blood Type Diet made me super depressed and irritable. You can read my story here: http://store.livingearthbeauty.com/aboutus.asp#jill

    "Dr. Stephen Bailey, a nutritional anthropologist at Tufts University, points out the blood types existed before humans in animals and that there is NO anthropological evidence that all prehistoric people were type O. Clinical results of vegan diet studies, including Dr. Dean Ornish

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