recommend a great coconut oil smoothie & avocado smoothie to me :D

Hello everyone.

well i fell off the raw food wagon. and now i feel terrible! I really don't know why we do this to ourselves. I got really sick and i just completely stopped doing what i was doing.

Anywayssss I was thinking there was a couple things i wanted to try. Maybe help inspire me to try new raw things to get me back on track.

I have a really good kind of coconut oil and i keep hearing of people putting it in smoothies. Does anyone have a good recipe they can vouch for that has coconut oil in it?

Also I guess you can make avocado smoothies? Sounds kinda gross but i'll try it. does anyone know of a good recipe??

Anything else you think I should try give me a shout out.

Thanks guys! :D

Can't wait. Hope theres a reply by morning so I can have something special for breakfast.


  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    Hmm, I sometimes use coconut cream (whole ground coconut, not just the oil) in smoothies. But, I'm sure that doesn't help- unless you have some?

    As for avocados in smoothies- yes, I've seen some folks say they like that; but I have only thrown out two green smoothies, in over a year and a half. (I've done all fruit ones for decades, but that's another story. Never tossed any of those.) One was early on, I had a baaaaad experience with mustard greens (too spicy hot on my stomach), and the next day I tried arugula- one sip, and it felt like a repeat of the day before, so I tossed it, rather than get sick again. I no longer use those two greens in a smoothie (although, I love arugula mixed in a salad). The second, and only other time was a couple weeks ago. Yep, I had heard that it was "a good idea" to add in an avocado. UGH! That was so nasty, to me! Down the drain it went, which was a real shame, since I love avocados, and all the other stuff that went into it. Just not spun up together. Way too greasy feeling. I use nutmylks in many of my smoothies, so I am used to a bit of fat in them, but an avo was just too nasty!

  • Haha thanks for that advice with the avocado. It sounded pretty nasty. "A fatty smoothie" lol Yeah I'll probably end up not making that. no i dont have any coconut meat, i have the oil.

    I lady at the health food store said it aids in losing weight.

    i got Jarrow Formulas extra virgin organic expeller pressed vegan coconut oil.

    You keep it in the fridge & its hard. lol

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    Does the jar say to keep it in the fridge? I am surprised by that! I bet it *is* hard, that cold. Coconut oil gets hard in the winter here, just in the cabinet.

    Yes, I've lost weight with it...each time I hit a plateau, I realized I hadn't eaten it in a while. Once I started back up (just a bit each day- maybe less than a tablespoon? on something I was eating) I started loosing weight again. Cool stuff, and tastes yummy too!


  • The jar says to keep it in the fridge for optimum freshness. It doesn't taste bad, and smells GREAT but i try to eat the oil straight because i dont really know what to do with it and i GAG and i cant get it down. I cant really get past the texture and knowing im eating a spoonful of oil. haha

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    Are you 100% raw? I am not; I use it on toast, occasionally lightly steamed veggies, or to pop popcorn in. But, if you are 100%, it also goes well with cacao and honey (or agave), for a fruit dip. Also, you could try slipping it into your usual smoothies, maybe? (I've only used the cream, not the oil, so I have no recipes. sorry.) I do lick the knife, and enjoy that, but don't think I could take a whole spoonful alone like that! :P

  • Avocado is FANTASTIC in smoothies! If you don't want to taste it, try it with cacao powder, dates and raspberries.

    Savory smoothies, ie. soup, are amazing. Try a guacamole smoothies, or use the avocado-spinach dip recipe on this site and thin it out a bit. Or avo-kale, or curried avocado - think think, rich and maybe use warm water so you get the soup thing going on.

    As for coconut oil, you can add it to just about ANY smoothie. I find the "fat" sensation filling and satisfying. Try it in spinach/orange/strawberry maybe. As with avocado, try cacao the first time just to see . . .

    PS. I also add nut mylk (OK, just nuts in the Blendtec) to many smoothies. It makes them more filling and satisfying. I am about 70% and have been for about 2.5 years now so I wouldn't call this "transitioning". I just need more fat and protein than other people might. I am small and thin but very physically active.

    Good luck!

  • This is my FAVORITE smoothie to put avocado as well as coconut oil/butter in! It is DIVINE. I got it from Sarma's and Matt's RAW FOOD REAL WORLD uncook book.


    1 ripe avocado, peeled and pitted

    3 cups diced pineapple

    2 cups water/coconut water

    3 tbs. agave nectar or 2 packets stevia

    3 tbs. lime juice

    1 tbs. coconut butter/oil (optional)

    2 tsp. vanilla extract

    Pinch of salt

    Serves 2-4

    Hope you like it. :)

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