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Alright girls (and boys)...

I still can't figure out how does a long time raw foodist deal with:

*Shampoo and conditioner

*Styling products (gel, hair spray..)


*Hair coloring or salon visits


*Facial cleanser/makeup remover

*Facial moisturizer (no oil please...my skin does not like it)

*I could go on and on.....I'm high maintenance ;)

So my questions are:

How and what do you replace these important products with?

Are things like laundry detergent or body/hand soap is an issue?

I am still trying to get to the point where I'm 100% raw, so I'm still figuring things out and had these questions. See, I'm a makeup artist and makeup is my life and job...I need to look good and to be honest I can't give up makeup for myself lol!. I know, when I'm 100% raw I will feel and look great, but there are things that I'm very confused about and cannot seem to find a replacement.


  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    I am curious about this too - even though i am almost at 100% raw with my diet I am still using commercial shampoo's moisturizers, lotions ect. Before coming on gone raw i never thought much about the things that I was putting on my body - but now I find myself looking for substitutes.

  • If you are a vegan, you would be using probably less conventional (unless there's some non-tested, no-animal ingredient ones that are conventional, I think one generic brand is) products already.

    I use the above items you mentioned. I shop at health-food stores, online vegan stores, research items online or go to FAQ to find which items from which companies are vegan, AVEDA salons for hair, etc. It's not too hard. I mean, some ingredients are not easily understood wth their names, but you can always mail a company or google it, and some places say "no animal ingredients" right on the bottle (this is not always correct, since they might have honey or they don't understand what an animal is).

    After a while, you find products you like and it's easy to pick them up or order them; just like that favorite jar of marinara that you had to search for years ago! :)

  • internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

    I am only 50/50 raw/cooked. I just try to eliminate chemicals from my diet and be kinder in what I eat.

    100% raw foodists don't need deoderants. Dairy and meats cause people to stink (smell like an gorilla or onion). Though I don't really need a deoderant, I do use one--just to know I am very fresh. I use the ones that are not good for you. I find the smell of the ones they sell at the health store really offensive (rancid and foul).

    I use any shampoo or makeup that I think will work.

  • Hey there

    I don't have to use deoderant.

    I use a brand called Naked for shampoo and conditioner and hand soap. This is a UK brand and is 97% natural and not tested on animals. I use olive oil soap on my face and I use Your right to be beautiful face cream from Beauitful on Raw website. It is lovely.

    As for makeup I use what ever isn't tested on animals. Hair now thats a problem as I have bleached hair that I dye pink, don't think there is much natural about that. lol

    K x

  • www.lush.com They make products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, made fresh by hand using little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients. No animal testing. They have soaps, deodorants, shampoos etc..

  • Lush products are highly scented, just FYI, for people who are sensitive.

  • I don't really use products...a) because it is such a scam, part of the mass-market propaganda trying to convince women (and men) that they NEED these hygiene products to fit in, be successful, attract mates, etc. Conventional deodorant is toxic, it contains metals that actually block your pores so that you can't release your own metabolic wastes and other wastes through sweat. Not only are the chemicals not great for you, but retaining wastes just so people don't think you are a granola-hippy is just silly. b) I like the simplicity of living without a million products. It's cheaper, makes my bathroom bigger, and makes traveling easier c) most products are tested on animals d) I feel more connected to who I am. I don't feel that I need to hide my body under countless make-ups, face creams, styling gels, etc. I like my body just the way I am!

    I have a nice handmade soap made out of olive oil and calendula, a natural shampoo, and a conditioner that I use just because I work in a chlorine pool, otherwise I think I would go no poo style.

  • For shampoo, body wash and handsoap, I use Dr. Bronner's castile soap in almond -- smells soooo yummy!

    For face: I like to use only water, alcohol-free toner, organic tea tree oil, and coconut oil to cleanse and hydrate my face. The coconut oil also serves as makeup-remover. I know you said you don't like oils, but I have no other suggestions for you.

    For chapstick/lipstick, I use Burt's Bees, which looks like it's made exclusively from appropriate ingredients: jojoba oil, etc. (Although obviously lots of other Burt's Bees products use unacceptable ingredients.)

    BUT i still do use mainstream eyeliner, hair styling products, and regular toothpaste. I've slowly been looking for affordable alternatives but haven't found any so far. For toothpaste people have mentioned mixing baking soda with water (or something like that), but personally I don't find that manageable or effective.

    Also, if you can manage, ease up (and eventually eliminate) any hair coloring and pedicures/manicures/etc, which I'm sure you already know are very toxic. Deodorant -- I have no answer for you. I don't use any and don't smell. Perhaps you can try something anti-bacterial (to combat the bacteria that release waste matter AKA BO) like tea tree oil and toner? Maybe wiping that on your armpits (or "natural" babywipes, if such things exist) as needed throughout the summer days will be helpful.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    *Shampoo and conditioner- I tried the no shampoo thing and that did NOT work. I use Avalon Organics shampoo (no conditioner)

    *Styling products (gel, hair spray..)- Don't use any of these

    *Toothpaste- Tom's of Maine

    *Hair coloring or salon visits- Haven't done this since last year. I'm trying to get back to my natural color

    *Deodorant- Don't use

    *Facial cleanser/makeup remover- Beetanicals gentle facial cleanser

    *Facial moisturizer (no oil please...my skin does not like it)- Tea tree oil/ Jojoba oil

    *Makeup- Don't use it anymore. I feel like I'm hiding when I wear it

    *Laundry detergent- I just use whatever my parents use. I know it's not good, but I can't afford buying it myself

    *Nailpolish- Stopped using it last year when I found it was toxic. I guess it was obvious by the smell.

    I also love the LUSH products. My mom got me addicted so we always have LUSH soaps, bath bombs, and body washes in the shower.

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    I've tried Dr Bronners on my hair (use it around the house some, and from time to time dishes, laundry etc) but have found Dr Woods with Shea butter does MUCH better for my hair. It's similar to Bronners, in that it is a castile soap.

    I like ALL Free & Clear for laundry. I've tried other things (like the Bronners) but found that ALL does not leave so much lint behind, as the others do. That lint is coming from the clothes! And I would like to not destroy my clothes. The All bottle says the product is biodegradable, so that will have to be good enough.

    For the other things: here are a few threads on this site that I have participated in (probably more here - try doing a search!):




    And how 'bout this one for good measure:


  • Hi Mishimoo-

    I JUST bought some products so I'm trying them out as of now.

    *Shampoo and conditioner- I went from Pantene to Avalon Organics. I foudn this at Whole Foods and they seem to be okay, but I'm still having a bit a problem getting the tangles out completely.

    *Styling products (gel, hair spray..)- I don't use any.

    *Toothpaste- tom's of maine. I really like this. Highly recommend!

    *Hair coloring or salon visits- My hair is really long so I rarely go to salons. Go with your natural color so that you don't have to worry about the toxins in bleach and hair dye.

    *Deodorant- Kiss My Face- love it so far!

    *Facial cleanser/makeup remover- Avalon Organics

    *Facial moisturizer (no oil please...my skin does not like it)- Sorry to mention, but coconut oil does do wonders. Put some on before bed once every week. I usually don't wear any moisturizers during the day.

    I've seen organic detergent at Whole Foods. I'm still using GAIN and such, so I can't really tell you how good it is. I don't wear any makeup except for mascara! I just can't let go of my Lancome Paris! Hope things work out for you! Let us know how it goes.

  • Very interesting responses......I do use vegan and not tested on animals products, but I am very relieved that most of you do use deodorant and do wash their hair LOL!!! (I respect the ones who don't ;)

    Raw Foodists have a bad rep with the Omnies for smelling bad and having long armpit hair. I am a true girlie girl and my goal is to be healthy, looking nice, and enjoying the energy raw foods will provide when I'm 100% raw.

    I will go to Whole Foods and get some Tom's toothpaste and stock up on more natural and organic products.

    Again, I am not being critical...this is only IMHO.

    Thanks guys!


  • I am definately a girly girl. I use some arbonne products, but mostly all of my toiletries come from the natural food store. There are some really high end natural facial cleansers and moisturizers out there. You don't just need to use oil, I don't. I do use the crystal as deodorant. I use mineral make up and order some make up online ie: pure. I buy my nail polish at the natural food store and bring it with me to the salon. I only get high/low lights so no chemical touches my scalp. I'm sure I could do better, but I know I could do much worse.

  • I've found that Dr. Bronners is my miracle product. I use Dr. Bronners castile soap on my body (I tried on my hair, but it was a little too drying). I also use it to clean my room, to clean my car, and I've heard people use it for laundry and toothpaste. As Pixx said- Dr. Woods is just as amazing and a bit more moisturizing because it has shea butter. I use Dr. Bronners Shikakai and tea tree oil soap on my face. I use coconut oil as a moisturizer if my face is dry, and I use Crystal deodorant (mineral salts) for deodorant. I use fluoride-free toothpaste, but am not too picky. I wash and condition my hair with Trader Joe's brand (not 100% natural but pretty darn close for $2 bucks a pop, and the first 3/4 of the ingredient list are organic herbs, extracts). There are definitely CHEAP options out there (no need to waste $15 on Aubrey Organics shampoo that you are just going to wash off anyway!) Castile soap is a must. Baking soda works as a deodorant. Costco is a godsend for environmentally friendly dish soap, laundry detergent, etc. at the same price as conventional.

    whew, sorry that was long.

  • oh wait, and I use aloe vera gel as a facial and body moisturizer as well. Trader Joe's sells a 99% pure aloe vera gel for a few bucks.

  • Thank you!

    I have heard so much about Dr. B and Dr. W that I'll give it a try.

    I think as long as you use organic and they clean my oily hair/skin I'm ok with it...I have used Head&Shoulder's for a long time since it is the only 'poo that totally cleans my hair. I do not have super oily hair, but when I wash my hair, the next day it looks a bit oily. I will try out some 'poos and I'll let you guys know how it went and which one I liked best. I will try out a Tea Tree oil 'poo first and see how it feels.

    I have used a great moisturizer that I get a Whole Foods called Derma E Alpha Lipoderm Creme and Derma E Hyaluronic Acid Night Creme....highly recommend since it does not cause breakouts and it feels great, specially the night cream. So you know I'm 27 and I've been using facial repairs since my teen years. A good habit my mother taught me. My mother is in her 60's and she does not have one single wrinkle on her!!

    What do you guys think about mouthwash? I hear some people use hydrogen peroxide, is that bad?

  • i use the 80/10/10 diet for all of the above. clean living gives clean results.

  • Use only organic products. Like a crystal for deodorant. Try to use as little as possible. Go to http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/splash.php?URI=/index.php

    This well tell you what is in the products you are using and if they are safe. Go to a good health food store and they well have lots of products to replace yours. Try t buy ones with the least amount of ingredients and try to get ones that are made from plants and fruits. Sunscreen is something you don't need and shouldn't put on your body. If you are feeding your body living raw foods, then it well be able to handle the sun's rays. People on the SAD diet need sunscreen because they are not feeding their body what it needs. So if you really need any of this stuff, go organic, you can even make your own.

  • I found the "Skin Deep" website really helpful when I was switching to less toxic products: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com. It lets you look up which brands contain the least harmful ingredients. Something else that has made my life a lot less high-maintenance was taking a good hard look at all my beauty products and asking myself two things:

    1) What am I really hoping to get out of using these products?

    2) Is there another way to get those results without using so much toxic goop?

    So now, I use a dry body brush on my skin, which has cut way down on the amount of lotion I need. I still wash my hair, but much less often, so it needs washing less often; I ditched all my "styling" products. Using a buffer and a nail brush keeps my nails clean and shiny--so out with the toxic polishes. I try to give my skin a day off from makeup a few days a week, and voila-- I need less makeup.

    To answer your other questions, though, I've had good results with these:

    *Shampoo and conditioner-- Giovanni Magnetic shampoo and conditioner.

    *Styling products (gel, hair spray..)--Don't use these, though Aveda products have worked in the past.

    *Toothpaste-- I love Tom's of Maine.

    *Hair coloring or salon visits- Aveda salons, every couple of months.

    *Deodorant-- Thai crystal deodorant. Most days I don't use it, but it does kill bacteria without blocking pores

    *Facial cleanser/makeup remover. Dr. Bronner's, worked into a very fluffy lather.

    *Facial moisturizer (no oil please...my skin does not like it) Sunfood Nutrition MSM lotion. worked wonders for my oily skin.

  • DeborahBeeDeborahBee Raw Newbie

    I use toiletries and cosmetics from companies such as Faith in Nature (shampoo and conditioner), Australian Organics (soap), Juice Beauty (moisturiser), Aveda (cosmetics) and Dr Hauschka (cosmetics).

    I believe Aveda produce a hair spray.

    I use to use toothsoap which is olive oil soap. Now I use just the olive oil soap straight from the bar and bicarbonate of soda once a week.

    I only get my hair cut, not coloured or styled, and I get that done every few months.

    For deodorant I use a crystal salt.

    I don't use a facial cleanser or makeup remover, just organic soap. In fact, I rarely use moisturiser. I dry skin brush my entire body every day and eat a good amount of nuts. I've found that these two things keep my skin sufficiently moisturised.

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