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Alissa Cohen's Living on Live Foods Classes

Hey All,

I'm taking a Living on Live Foods Class tomorrow, and I am just wondering what people think of Alissa Cohen's program? There aren't many classes (that I can find) in Massachusetts, so I thought I would try this one. It's a level one course. I'm looking forward to it because I've never eaten "gourmet" raw food before- I've just been doing my own thing for about a year now (smoothies, fruit, salads, etc.). I want to learn how to make fancy raw food so I stop eating so much cooked junk when I have a craving for something tasty that's not pineapple. I love pineapple.

Anybody have good/bad experiences with these classes? What raw food classes have you taken?

Just curious ;)



  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I took a raw food class (one day) at the co-op and really enjoyed it. It wasn't as fancy as the one you're taking today, but was beneficial for me.

    Please share with us how the class went. Did you enjoy it? Would you do it again?

  • Ok, so I just came back from my first official raw foods class... I haven't actually eaten real "gourmet" raw food yet at all. I've been transitioning for about a year now and eat mostly fruit and green smoothies. Today was really fun (I'm now a certified Level 1 Chef!), we basically ate raw food all day and talked about being raw and everyone's biggest questions and hangups. All of the recipes that we did were Alissa Cohen's from her book Living on Live Food (I don't have it). We made green smoothies, collard wraps, stuffed portobellos, zucchini noodles, broccoli soup, kale salad, date nut torte, and chocolate truffles. I really liked all of the food, except for two things- zucchini noodles and the soup. I have tried to make zucchini noodles before and I thought they were really gross, and today I couldn't eat them. It could have something to do with my long standing relationship with real noodles. I also don't like zucchini. So, that's out. I didn't really like the soup, it just didn't sit well with me. Same thing- I've tried to make soups before and they always gross me out. I think that I'm more into the simple stuff like plain fruits and the green smoothies. But the kale salad was excellent- just kale and tomatoes in an olive oil, lemon juice and avocado dressing. I could have eaten the whole bowl of it. So, it was a fun day and I learned a couple new recipes. But I think that I'm not a gourmet raw eater. Do gourmet raw recipes gross anyone else out? Anyone else taken raw food classes and had good experiences?

  • also made mock salmon pate which was awesome! ate with romaine.

  • rawsaysritarawsaysrita Raw Newbie

    do you mind me asking where in MA your from? I'm from MA also...heading back home for the summer in a week : )

    if you prefer not to post, you can email me: gillan.4@osu.edu

    but to answer your question...I've never had a raw soup that I enjoyed. Zuccini noodles I do love. I'm really excited that I got all my SAD roommates to like zuccini noodles and they're eating them a lot now. Maybe it depends on how you sauce your noodles. I think the only raw "gourmet" stuff I really would like to do more of is desserts.

    I envy you for the simplicity you prefer in your meals. I think that is the way most raw foodists typically end up after begining with heavier and more complex meals.

  • hey rawsaysrita-

    I live in Mattapoisett, which is about ten minutes east of New Bedford, on the coast. Maybe 20 minutes from the Bourne bridge. Not much of a raw community as far as I can tell... but it's getting into fruit season, and I'm really excited! It's a beautiful place to spend the summer, if nothing else :)

  • rawsaysritarawsaysrita Raw Newbie

    hmm I have noo clue where that is. Bourne bridge is down by the cape huh. Just thought I'd ask in case we were neighbors or something and could explore some raw MA.

  • yeah it's pretty close to Cape Cod. an hour outside boston, half hour from providence. where are you located?

  • ddigiacomoddigiacomo Raw Newbie

    What recipes for soup have you tried? I love raw soups but usually just make simple ones. Alot of times i will just throw some corn and water and a handfull of sunflower seeds in the vitamix and make soup, I usually season it with sea salt and some cayenne pepper. If i have a hot pepper or some onion handy i will throw that in sometimes also. To change it up i will use some young coconut and curry also. I make so many awesome soups that usually just consist of a veggy like peas and some seasoning and or somtimes sunflower seeds to thicken it up and make it creamy. Try something like that.

  • I tried a couple of Matt Amsden's soups from his book RAWvolution. I just couldn't eat them. Then at this class we had Alissa Cohen's cream of broccoli soup, and again I couldn't eat it. Maybe I'll just have to keep trying different recipes, is all. Bummed out about it right now since I was so excited to get my VitaMix to make soup and now I don't even like it! But I still love my VitaMix for other things...

  • Hi Lilburger, You say you are close to Boston? Alisa Cohen has a raw gourmet restaurant there on the North side. It is called Grezzo. Delicious! I have a soup recipe I got from hacres.com recipe area. I will find it and post it today or tomorrow. It is really delicious. Have you tried gently heating (like in a food dehydrator or just til warm to the touch) your raw soups. It may help.

  • Yeah I really would like to go there. Haven't got the chance yet though... I can't wait to try the cheesecake! There's supposed to be a new raw cafe opening up in Newton Corner called Prana Raw. Excited about that one too. I love making raw miso soup, I just put it in a pan on the stove on simmer for a while until it is warm but not hot. I can handle that.

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie


    I just signed up for a 4 day package of classes with Alissa Cohen. The first three are the level 1-3 which will be taught at her B&B in Kittery Maine. Then the 4th day will be a 12 hr chef training at her Grezzo Restaurant in Boston. I can't wait.


    Has anyone done this? Is anyone signed up for the classes in Aug and September? I'm going to the classes starting Aug 28 2009.

  • PS, maybe we should get together for a meet up some day if you are all local?

  • Yes Prana raw will be really well, I don't believe they will be sit down. My friend was going to be a chef there but decided to stay with us at Rawberts Organic Garden Cafe in beverly!

    If you haven't made it to the Organic Garden you should really come check us out! Its a wonderful place to come and hang out, with an amazing community, and not to forget, an awesome selection of raw vegan cuisine :). If you're curious, we also have raw chef classes as well - maybe for a compare and contrast. Give us a call sometime @ 978-922-0004!

    Hope to see you there :)

    OG Family Member


  • Hi JoyceH!

    I did the end of May class. It was fantastic. I was having trouble with some things like dressings, ice cream, cheese, etc. - getting disasterous results and lots of wasted food.... This class brings alot of flavors, techniques & tools to your table and generates success. The class is intense, dress comfortably in layers. You will get an email a couple weeks before with helpful hints of what to wear, bring and hotel arrangements. They do a really good job of getting you set up and going thru the whole thing. The day at Grezzo is the icing on the cake. You learn tons just that day. The only thing I wish I had done was read her book way before I went to class. I had the book just hadnt gotten to it yet. Its a well rounded book - very good for beginners as well as having points of interest for the more experienced raw foodie. Hope this helps.

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    Hi Kniteangel, Thanks so much for your post! I'm so glad to hear it was fantastic! :-)

    I cannot wait for the Grezzo training!! That will be exciting but intense I'm sure.

    I'm also looking forward to the first 3 classes in Kittery. I've been raw for almost a couple years now. I make all kinds of raw gourmet entrees and desserts on the weekends (following a lot of great recipes various raw food chefs). But I don't mind learning some basics as I still can't make a decent tasting marinara sauce or a decent pizza crust that my husband will eat. It's like I've tried running before I learned to walk. So I really look forward to the classes!

    Again, thanks and so glad you had a great experience and learned a lot!



  • LaEnsaladaLaEnsalada Raw Newbie

    I love Grezzo! I haven't been to Rawberts yet, but i'd like to go there for a meetup. I also really want to try Prana Cafe, I think I'm going there for a meetup on september 5th.

  • You should try making it to rawberts! We just put an AMAZING raw ice cream sundae on our menu :)

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