Ferments/Starter Giving:

Well, I have learned quite a lot in the past month or two about fermenting various things. I'm very excited, and I want to try everything. I know I am not the only one.

A lot of people charge for their starters (Scoby's, Kefir-crystals, etc.) and while I understand the need to make a living, I think some people are ridiculous with it. I want to make a sort of exchange here. Where we offer our "babies" for free (plus cost of shipping obviously), or shipping + bare costs for another batch to the giver. Depending on shipping weight, it would be an easy and inexpensive way to give and get love and health.

Anyway...In a week or so I will have a Scoby I would like to GIVE away, to a good home. I love these babies. They make me happy, and I hope they do you too! I want us all to be healthy!. The only thing I ask, is that after you have enough for brewing and back up, that you give one away for *free* as well. :)

The two I was sent were in doubled and taped ziploc bags, and a small priority mail box. I would be willing to do that, or put them in a glass jar (I have a million), and ship it. Whichever is safest and/or preferred. :) So.. anyone want one of my sweets when the time comes?

I can give either a mother, or her baby. I can not yet specify when it will be ready because my kitchen is pretty cool, but when the time comes...

Also: Anyone know where to find cheap gallon or two gallon jars (I have three 2 liter glass jars)? With shipping plus costs, they can be quite out there. I'd prefer to have something bigger than a 2 liter because I love Kombucha myself and know some people who need it badly. It'd mean less scobies and jars lying around...More to give!


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    I am not interested, but I am bumping this to the front page, to give others a chance to see it. Nice idea!


  • What is Scoby?

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast

    See more here:


  • Yes! I'd love to get one of your started babies! Give me the information I need to make contact with you.... I love your heart and I want to get started making my own Kombucha Tea!!

    Cheryl Johnson 

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