A call for subs....

Hi everyone.. it’s me again.. Ok so I finally got my hubby to take a look at the site and now he’s pretty interested in starting raw (I think the apple pie recipe is what finally won him over, he’s only had it once – cooked and loved it) so now I’m rolling up my sleeves to start making dishes that will keep his interests peaked.. so here’s where I need help. I know that things like nut butters, braggs, and a few other things are going to have to be substitued so if anyone has figured out how to sub.. for them can you please send me the recipe?? IF it was bought through a health food store I know I’ll need a sub.. Thanks for the tips in advance..


  • Hi Kurdishmom,

    I wrote to you in the introduction area a few days ago. Anyway, if you have almonds and a juicer in your area you can make almond butter. Just use the blank plate. For agave sweetener I use dates processed with a little water for sweetener. For namashoyu or braggs I use salt. I live in southern Italy and we do not have access to many many things here either. But we have fantastic raw olive oil, I bet theres good olives and olive oil in Kurdistan too, anyway. That is basically it, I do not make any entrees with nori wraps, I use mustard greens or lettuce for my wraps. Take care, to you, the baby and yr husband , blessings, Dea.

  • Hi again dea..Thanks for your input.. I’m going to keep that in mind.. However the juicer I have doesn’t have plates or anything.. it’s not that kind.. But I did discover that mom-in-law has a food processor (with only an “S” blade) but hey it works!!! Thanks again..!

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Well if you are able to use that food processor, you can try making your own nut butters! They may not turn out as creamy as a high speed blender would do, but hey, it’s a start! As for the braggs, just use some sea salt, I tend to use balsamic vinegar in place of soy sauce or braggs. Works out quite well! A lot of recipes call for agave, if you don’t have that, honey works just as well.

  • Hi coconutty.. Thanks for the suggestions.. I have decided to ask some of the in-laws in Iran who can get close to the sea to send me some really fresh (and completely organic) sea salt.. Since we only get the processed stuff here..

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