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Being a raw vegan and social life.....very hard, huh????

Plssss....everyone i need some kind of advice on how to deal with outside influences. yes am new to the raw vegan thing but i've search about it, thought about it, and have started being a raw vegan,BUT my problem is almost everyone around me..meaning family, friends etc don't even want healthy food mentioned around them...like its a disease..lol, so when there's a gathering or outing i tend to not know what to do, i become the odd one out . i tell them am a raw vegan but it doesn't seem to get into their head..they still want to force me to eat like them...how do i overcome all these pressures?????????? and by the way, all my family members, i mean the women in my family are obese, 2 aunts with diabetics, mom has insomnia and many more weight-related illnesses. And seeing all these around me, yes has had an impact on teaching me how putting the wrong food in one's body can affect the person's functioning. so far i love eating healthy(raw vegan) my only problem is the pressure from all sides.

Plssss y'all share how u tackle this or how i can deal with this?



  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie
    edited October 2015

    Hi sassyraw!

    Your family sounds a bit like my own, the majority of women in my family are overweight and eat heavily processed foods and meat. I personally find its easier to not directly talk about my lifestyle choice unless im asked. I was worried about how I was going to handel the pressure at social situations too but I found its easier if I make a special dish just for me. On memorial day I brought homemade pepper corn salsa. For easter I brought a huge salad with homemade dressing which I happily shared with my family who said it was the best dressing that they have ever eaten. As for friends if they are really your friends they will respect the choices that youve made and support you. I know my best friends thought it was weird at first but they are really cool about it now. If people pressure you or question you on your diet just answer them in a nice respectful way, but dont really elaborate unless they continue to question. Good luck and I hope that I helped!


  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I've been dealing with these situations for almost 20 years - because even being a vegetarian is strange and even offensive to many people.

    You're right, telling them you're a raw vegan doesn't "get into their head" because it's so alien to their way of life. Eventually I learned not to discuss my diet with people unless they are really, really dying to know. Most people aren't, they're just curious. I don't feel I need to satisfy people's curiosity.

    I frequently tell white lies - like we have dinner plans later, or just had a late lunch, or etc. to get out of having the same excruciating conversations over and over again.

  • Welcome sassyraw!

    Wow, I think the answer to your question is in your post- keep your mind on how great you feel on the raw diet compared to the physical condition of the people trying to push unhealthy eating on you. You know, they're really saying, "Be like me, be like me, be like me!" in effect. You don't have to convince them, just carry along what you know you will enjoy eating and share it with them. You really don't have to defend. By being strong and self assured, you can let them be on the offensive all they want, but you are in control of not letting them get to you. Wishing you the best.

  • ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

    I would add my own comments but the 3 you already got just about summarize the ways I deal with outside pressures, at first it might be hard but trust me, as time goes by you really couldn't care less any more, if they wanna kill themself by eating wrongly its their own choice, I personally feel amazing..

  • 4real...i luv u ppl on here...thnks 4 d advice so far..i'll put them into practise..thnks!!!!!!!!!!!! n if u care 2 Know d family is havin a barbeque on saturday...which..i must..u kno?? go 2....so i'll take my own food....if dey ask y am not eating their food...i'll give an excuse.....dammmm............thnks ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm having a graduation party and my grandmother is having a BBQ at it. Go figure, right? I don't care much, but the worst part about being healthy is seeing everyone else around me fall to poor health. Just be yourself, don't take anyone's shit, and put a foot down. If someone is eating pizza and tells me I look too skinny, you know for sure I will let them have it. I'm just an aggressive guy, though. Only when personally attacked!

  • lol..i can see y u'll b agressive....some ppl can b so annoying.....n i kno..i hate ppl telling others they're 2 skinny...when wat they mean is.." i want to b like u"

    funny...thnks 4 d advice...

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    No, some people really are too skinny. Failure to recognize "too skinny" when you see it is a troubling sign.

  • i guess........sum can go alittle far(2 skinny) i get U......hell i hav meat on my body..u kno wat i mean??? but my family says am still skinny...am 20....145 pds...5'5'.....dat is not 2 skinny but dey say i am...see wat am saying...in dis case am healthy but they still say am too skinny...others interpretation of 2 skinny sumtimes annoys me!!!

    but i get u ....lol

  • LaEnsaladaLaEnsalada Raw Newbie

    Lately i have been getting questions about why I'm not eating when everyone else is. I'm afraid to tell my friends that I eat raw because the few people I have told think that I''m wierd for eating healthy. My family treats eating raw as if it's some kind of eating disorder. It's very annoying and I am so fed up with all the comments I get about my diet.

  • Sassyraw, I find it hard to understand your posts. Can you not use so many abbreviations? I know some people can figure them out, but I have a hard time.

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